In regards to how our family has treated us....I have to say that we have been truly blessed in that area. I have little contact with my bio-dad, but that has been since forever and has nothing to do with Austin. But my mom and (step)dad have been supportive, for the most part. I think initially they weren't sure why we were making such a deal out of Austin not talking when he was younger, and thought we were over-reacting, but my mom is the type to keep her mouth shut for the most part. And of course now that they realize there is a real issue, they don't say a word about it!
My husband is an only child and so this is the first grandchild for his parents, and they are both truly amazing. His Dad and step-mom have been going out and buying books on autism and constantly ask what they can do to help, and my MIL calls us up every couple weeks and asks if she can babysit on nights she has off.

I really feel for all of you that are alone in this and don't have the support of your family <img src="/images/graemlins/frown.gif" alt="" /> That is just so sad and I'm so sorry that you have to go through all this without that help, it's just so wrong. I wish that all of these family members, especially grandparents could wake up and realize what a wonderful blessing their grandchildren are and start doing everything they can to be helpful and supportive! {{{{hugs}}}} to all of you for going through this