Has anyone been to meetup.com? There is the topic of autism and you input your city and see if there is a meetup in that area.

They changed awhile ago and now there is money involved to run a group. I was going to do it until that happened.

I have a profile on a site called co-abode.com it is for single mothers to share homes with another single mother. It would be nice to use that format specifically for autism.

Also the same for dating sites and one for autism. I sent that idea to match.com a few years ago and never heard back.

The co-abode site has a space where those who have a home and want roomates and then those that want to look together for a home.

I liked it at first, but there are lots of issues like holidays and religion, eating habits and schooling that come into the fold.

Someday maybe I will try to do something like that for those with disabilities.

Bonnie Sayers - Autism Editor