Reboot 26 Day 2 - I find I get much better about being aware of my "approach to grumpiness" now and take steps to fix the underlying issue - my hunger, my cold, or whatever it is that has disturbed my basic serenity. This latest situation helped illustrate that to me.

I adore folding origami. It's soothing and serene. My latest project was a large order for a client of 36 strings of 10 cranes each, in a rainbow of colors. The colors were stunning, and they were just so pretty. But - and I know this - stringing them is a challenge. The fishing line loves to tangle. And working on 36 of them, if they get anywhere near each other they wrap up.

I had a number of other time-sensitive projects, too, so I was not getting much sleep, and at one point I got grumpy with the tangling cranes. I complained.

But then I thought about it. Here I am doing something I love. I'm bringing beauty into the world. And I know they will tangle! So to get upset about them tangling is silly. It is a part of the process.

Then Bob helped me rig up a stringing device, and I put on a snuggly robe, and made some tea, and soon the stringing was meditative and peaceful.

It's all about one's frame of mind smile.

It's my own serenity and health that I'm caring for, by paying attention to these mood changes. And of course that ripples out to everyone who depends on me.

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