Jilly - that is awesome that you had the breakthough! I don't see the Ferengi situation at *all* to be venting or complaining. It is observing something funny. So if he would not "get" that you were joking / observing in that situation, I would count that under "humor impairment".

Not to say Mensa is special, but at Mensa meetings people are doing that kind quirky discussion ALL the time and we love it. It is brain stretching. It's finding the odd connections between things. It's odd but I've never had anyone "not get it" at a Mensa meeting. Maybe we self select for oddballs smile But that is pretty much exactly how Mensa hang-outs go. That and really silly puns smile

So again I agree 100%, that is NOT venting. You're not complaining about something wrong. You're making a fun observation.

Lisa Shea, Low Carb and Video Games Editor
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