You can do this, Lisa! smile If anyone can get to Day Five, it's you!

This thread is helping me be more mindful of what is going on in my head and how I express things.

I am becoming more aware of my triggers. Very interesting. I am glad to see what those triggers are because it causes me to do some self-reflection. Why does this upset me? Can I turn this around with love and appreciation? I have so much more inner work to do! But life is a process. smile

Last night, I slept well. This morning, I got out for my walking meditation and such wonderful feelings and thoughts came to me. The plants, as always, exude the best energy.

The flowers awakened with a long exhalation of perfumed breath. I smiled to know that the sun was still there behind the clouds.

After my walking meditation and a shower, I meditated again (I'm in a meditative study class.)

Later, I was able to visit my mother and uncle, bringing lunch and cooking some snacks for them. Returning home, there were supportive emails from good friends that made me glow with appreciation and love. My adorable chihuahuas make me laugh and smile. My husband shook his head angrily at me to learn I accidentally spent some of the car payment on other stuff then he came in to kiss me and say he was over it. smile

And I will meditate again at 7 pm. What a peaceful day this is...

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