Jilly that is so great that you're figuring things out! Sometimes you can really think you're communicating but then a light bulb comes on and you say OHHHHH!!!!!

It's like today I was at the bike shop with Bob and the bike shop owner. Bob has known the bike shop owner - Jerry - for maybe 20 years, so longer than he's been with me. They know each other up and down and sideways.

But we were all looking at this new bike rack we had, which connects to the back of the car. Jerry was asking how the bike rack fit into the hitch, how you knew when it was seated properly. Bob started on some sort of esoteric description of alignments and holding pins and such.

Then I said, "I laid down with my head underneath the bumper, and as Bob slid the hitch connector, I could see when the holes lined up."

Jerry pointed at me and said "SHE answers the question that I was asking!"

So even though Bob and Jerry have known each other for decades, sometimes you still just don't quite speak the same language. Bob thought he was answering what Jerry asked - but Jerry didn't understand what Bob was saying.

Lisa Shea, Low Carb and Video Games Editor
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