Well, I wasn't laughing or just thinking about my complaints one day last week.

Neither of the kids took the initiative to put away the hot dogs they didn't finish at lunch.

I was just getting out of the shower and heard the dogs and guess correctly that one of them was on the table. Taboo here. So I rushed out--naked--to chase him off. All the dogs scattered. As I chased one, I slipped on some pee on the floor because no one let the dogs out. ugh. I was fresh and clean, nicely powdered, and now covered in urine.

When I slipped, I jammed my diabetic foot into a wall, bruising my toes and my hip. My daughter rushed down when she heard the bang. "MOM! Are you ok?!?!" My husband finally comes in and does he ask if I'm ok? No, all he can say is, "Why are you on the floor naked?"

Ya, some days it's like that over here...