Well so far I'm starting again today smile

Yesterday I had ALL sorts of computer problems - two different viruses got onto my system, my anti-virus software couldn't find them (the 'free' one from Charter) so I had to track down a copy of Norton and install it, which blocked my email from working, etc. etc. So at one point I was swearing like a sailor smile

Today I didn't get up until 2pm and had to run to the Charter office to complain about my $250/mo bill (yes it has gotten insane) and their response was "too bad". This after the support people on the phone told me explicitly that if I went to the office they could get the price lowered. So that was frustrating.

However - once that was done, we went to the post office which was fine, then to the vet. And we had to wait 1/2 hr at the vet because a dog had a torn ear, but while my boyfriend was getting a little wait-crazy, I did my tree pose and other yoga moves in the waiting room and was quite peaceful and fine with it. So I suppose you can count me as being good from 2pm onwards today smile

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