Fifteen days is pretty darned good, Lisa! I like your preemptive measures. General well-being fortifies us.

A few days ago, I realized that my bank account hadn't been debited for my mother's storage unit in a few months. Autopay was set up. I was sure of it. I panicked because the storage company does not send our invoices or notices. It will just confiscate the contents and auction them. My mother is a minor level hoarder and when I cleaned out her large room, I told her that the excess junk would be in a storage unit so she allowed me to take it.

If she learned her storage unit was gone, she would have a meltdown. Even if, by anyone's standards, the contents were disposable and fairly useless, these were her things and she would throw a fit. At her age and health condition, it could cause a heart attack or stroke!

My head and heart began to pound and I hyperventilated. OH NO NO NO! I wailed and bemoaned my fate! My husband said to call the storage company to be sure (of course) but it was a Sunday and I couldn't do a thing about it until Monday. I hadn't panicked like that in a long time. I needed to lie down. Breathe in and out.

My higher self calmed me down. There was no good in letting my mind and body suffer like this. Stress releases cortisol that damages the brain and body. Reason reminded me that to panic before knowing with certainty was a waste of time and emotion. Plus, it is having a negative effect on my brain!

Then, I was reminded abut visualization to create our desired outcome. So I did. I began to express gratitude for everything, my mother, cleaning out her stuff, the storage unit. Gratitude for knowing about the creative power of our thoughts. I envisioned that the storage unit was up-to-date on payment. I prayed to God for help for this situation.

You'll never guess. I learned that the storage unit was current on payment. It was on autopay but set up on my husband's bank account. Neither of us recalled that. I had set it up on mine.

All that stress for nothing. Or was it? I am reminded of the power of intention, gratitude and prayer. Thank you, God!

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