I think it's fair if each of us draws a personal line between what we feel is inappropriate and appropriate behavior. To say "I will try to do what I feel is right for 30 days" seems a great aim for all of us!

I think you can talk about a bad day in a way which is constructive - and also in a way that is whining. One way points out problems which could be fixed. Another way just expresses anger about issues.

Now, for example I just finished up a series of reviews. Some of the items I reviewed had issues. So I talked about these issues, like "the font was hard to read". This isn't complaining. It is explaining a problem. If I wrote "this brain-dead jerk didn't know what he was doing!!" that would be complaining smile

We can always bring up examples in this thread as we hit them, and see what we think about it!

So far I think I'm doing well smile

Lisa Shea, Low Carb and Video Games Editor
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