Reboot 18, Day 2.

This starts getting into intriguing examinations of how one uses their energies. I can say as a baseline that I agree with the premise that if I fill my mind with "cranky" thoughts, it causes my body stress, which causes physical harm to my body. Those negative stress hormones aren't good for my body. I want to avoid them. I want to build my body's ability to focus, to be healthy, and to achieve its goals. Negative stress hormones work against those goals.

So, with that being said ...

Bob has decided we should watch a TV show, "Whodunnit". To be fair to Bob, I like to write mysteries and we watch them regularly. So this should be ideal for me. However, it's a reality show and it is *atrocious*. The "acting" and writing is beyond silly. So I find myself making comments ... negative ... about what is going on. On one hand one could say I'm pointing out issues with the show. But on the other hand, yes, clearly I'm complaining. I'm investing an hour of my life and being grumpy about how inane it is.

So, why? Why am I putting myself through this? I feel stress about how poorly it is put together. I don't gain much from the experience. I have *oodles* of awesome shows on Netflix or InDemand I could watch instead, which have incredible, inspiring writing. And - the main point of this exercise - I am allowing stress hormones to build in my body for no earthly reason.

So I think this reboot was a reminder to me to make healthy choices about where I invest my time. Each day is precious. Each day is a gift that, once passed, cannot be retrieved again. If something causes me to complain, it's a sign that it should probably be eased out of my schedule.

Leaves lots more time for Midsomer Murders smile.

Lisa Shea, Low Carb and Video Games Editor
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