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Okay, i guess i need to know what more people think, since Lisa's statement here: "but it's hard to be aware all the time" sounds like a complaint to the way DH gets on my butt about complaining. smile

I think the core of it is going to be tone and intention.

situation 1:
A group of five saffron-robed teens are sitting in a semi-circle facing an olive-robed elder. All are on a polished wood floor in an ancient temple. One wall is open to the mountains beyond. A gentle breeze drifts through the room, causing the incense smoke to drift slightly. One of the students looks up with limpid eyes and offers quietly,

"Master - it is hard to be aware all the time."

The master nods knowingly and responds,

"Yes, Grasshopper. But the greatest of mountains can be climbed once you take that first step."


Situation 2 -
Jack, a surly teenager boy with an attitude, has been forced into a meditation course he needs to pass in order to graduate. He chews gum in class, loudly popping bubbles. He routinely text messages beneath his desk. He drums his fingers during the quiet sessions.

The teacher is giving an important talk on the history of meditation, and most students are paying attention - but Jack is busy cyber-bullying his ex girlfriend. He has just finished hitting the SEND button when the teacher calls on him. Jack looks up with a hostile glance, hiding his phone. His teacher holds his gaze.

"Jack, are you aware of what I just asked you?"

Jack's look becomes more surly.

"Yeah, well, it's hard to be aware ALL the time."


I think if you are stating something as a factor to be aware of when planning out your goals - like "it is currently hard for me to touch my toes" - that it is an important thing to know and take into account. If you are stating it to be contrary or make excuses, as in

"Lisa, now touch your toes and hold for five minutes"

(Lisa, not even trying to bend)

"What, are you joking? There's no way I can touch my toes!!!"

then that isn't quite the same smile

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