Bob just got home from golf, and already I've complained. Ah well, have to restart my no-complaining counter from now.

I feel instigated into it, but clearly I have control over my own brain smile.

I spent all day long quadruple tasking and doing laundry, washing dishes, washing the kitchen floor, scrubbing the kitchen to prepare for my juicing videos, plus doing all the newsletter work. And Bob was off playing golf all day.

So he comes in the door and I say "welcome home!"

And he grumps, "Jeez, that's not much of a welcome. You didn't come open the door for me."

At which point I got a bit cranky smile.

But after my brief crank, I pointed out how hard I'd been working and that all I wanted was for him to come home and appreciate my efforts, rather than complaining at me right away.

Lisa Shea, Low Carb and Video Games Editor
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