I've been thinking about the dogs issue for a number of days now. I go back and forth on it.

First, certainly, I think it's good to show that you care when you reunite with someone. If Bob didn't care at all that I got home, I'd be sad. If he was "annoyed" with me giving him a kiss, I'd be sad. I want that sense that I've been missed.

On the other hand, encouraging a pet to jump all over someone seems to be not necessarily great. If I go into someone's home and their pet is jumping all over me before I can even get to know them, it's off-putting. I think of them as "hyper" - not as "friendly". I'd like a tail wag and a sniff at the hand. Not jumping. So if I had dogs, I wouldn't want them trained to jump all over at a new arrival. I wouldn't want a cacophony of noise.

So maybe there is a balance in there somewhere.

Lisa Shea, Low Carb and Video Games Editor
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