Aw. Well, I think you're super just to have only ONE glitch. I need to work on keeping it to one glitch a DAY! LOL.

I was doing great the other day until two of the dogs got into my bag and ate the snack I'd made for my son. I didn't know it was in there. My daughter stuck it there without my knowing or I would have taken it out! Not only did the dogs eat some plastic, they got food all over the place.

Then, yesterday we discovered that one of the begins to HOWL horribly when I'm gone! None of the neighbors reported it. She didn't know someone was home and she howled. This isn't a one time thing as now someone has caught her three times. I'm terribly concerned about annoying the neighbors so I need to do something to keep her occupied while I'm gone. I thought having two dog friends would be enough...

Today, I had to go through some effort to change my schedule with my aunt so I could be back in time to get my husband to the dentist for a tooth extraction. He wouldn't be able to drive himself after the anesthetic. Well, I made it back home in time only to learn that he had cancelled his appointment earlier that day.

Not a big deal. But like lint, these incidents can be annoying even if it doesn't take much to brush them off.

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