LOL! I love people I can do that stuff with, Jill, and I'm about as Southern as you can get outside of Alabama.

To me, it's being funny. My daughter and I went to the mall yesterday and we do that sort of thing all the time.

Cash register at Penney's. The circular one with four registers, three people checking people out.
We get in the shortest line behind the old couple she's checking out.

Short line Cashier to us: The line's over there. We're all pulling from that one line. (pointing to "the line" on the other side with some half-dozen people in it).

Kristen & me look at each other, roll eyes and start walking to "the line". (All our conversation is under our breath, to each other only.)

Kristen: "Oh, I'll just bet you do."

Me to Kristen: "Yep, and when you finish with the old people you can sneak away for a smoke break, Cashier of the Month."

A couple minutes later, party of four stands in front of the register for ages AFTER they are done, just chatting.

Kristen & I look at each other.

Kristen: "Let's move along, people."

Me: No, we're not in any hurry at all. Want a chair? Can we get you something to drink?"

Now, sometimes I even "play" with strangers, like with the Citizen's Arrest thing at the crosswalk in DC. Some play, some don't. It all makes me laugh, and that's my primary job! LOL