I hear you but am not really ready to respond to it. I guess it depends on who the other person is. Remember, seinfeld? It was all venting. Fun venting. I am a new york girl who grew up with basically Jerry and George everywhere, and it was fun.

Flash forward, not in NY anymore - people who don't have this background are uncomfortable. So i try not to do it around them. I think I have come a long, long way. But that doesn't make fun venting less fun and it doesn't make it "bad", if done around others who are also Seinfeld-like. For example, spending a week with my mother is SUCH a relief and so much fun, because we both know the rules. We laugh and laugh and laugh til we cry because it's fun to make something out of nothing until it reaches the point of ridiculous. It's a strange phenomenon that I realize other people don't get unless they kinda grew up with it.

So while I have to actively patrol myself around my DH and most of humanity, it's so soothing to know I can laugh with my mother or my old NY friends in this Seinfeld manner. We know it means nothing. It's just being creative and silly.

Jill - "Why do all these dog walkers have flower-scented bags for dog poop? I never see these bags in the pet stores."

Mom - "maybe they buy them at the upscale dog poop store. maybe you need to join a club. Where can i get flower scented dog poop bags?"

Jill - "I don't think you are allowed in the upscale dog poop store until you've racked up enough frequent pooper-scooper miles with the Poop Club. You have to use boring, non-scented poop bags until you've proven your master skills in the poop scooping arena."

Cut to laughing.

Another scene, with the DH:

Jill - "Why do all these dog walkers have flower-scented bags for dog poop? I never see these bags in the pet stores."

Dan - "You can probably order them online."

Jill - "maybe you have to be special to get them, like in a club."

Dan - "I am sure they are online, all over the place. Why do you care?"

Jill - "maybe you have to join a pooper scooper club and prove your scooping kung-fu."

Dan - [frustrated] "what is wrong with you, we will order you some scented doggie bags!"

Jill - " I never said I wanted scented doggie bags. I just think they are funny."

Dan - "then what are you complaining about?"

Jill - "I am not complaining; I am just being cute and funny."

Dan - "It sounds like you are complaining and you want me to do something about it."

Jill - "arg! I am just talking!"

Fade to Black.