When speaking of things going wrong with your container plants, pests are one aspect, but what about others such as leaf drop? Well some leaf drop on container and house plants is normal and older plants should be expected to drop a leaf or two occasionally. But if this is a worry for you then consider the following and correct the situation where you can.

Plants drop their leaves for various reasons and these include: low humidity (e.g. gardenia); tired (or used up) soil; marked light and temperature changes; poor growing conditions (or unsuitable growing conditions for the specific plant); pot may be too small or plant has outgrown the container and is root bound (and so cannot take up water and nutrients properly) and finally here, it may be transplant shock.

Of course the biggest reason that plants drop leaves is over-or-under watering. Check this first and you may solve the problem quickly.

We can look at brown tips on leaves and yellow leaves and root problems on other TIP days.

Lestie Mulholland
Container Gardening Editor

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