Geraniums have to be some of anyone's favourites because they are so nice to have (and easy to grow) especially the creeping ones for hanging baskets and the scented ones for any fragrant garden container.

Did you know the leaves are 'edible'. I haven't eaten them but they are safe to use in the kitchen. They scent things, they add flavour, which is great. This is what I use them for.

Below is the first tip to using the leaves and tomorrow I will post the second.

It is really just plain nice to have scented sugars in the kitchen to use for black teas, herb teas and other infusions (not milky teas).

Put about three leaves at the bottom of your sugar caddy and cover with sugar (any kind of sugar you have or use), then place more fresh leaves halfway up, and then place some on top and just close the jar. The flavour infuses and gives your drinkables an indefinable something that is really nice.

Lestie Mulholland
Container Gardening Editor

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