I saw an idea that I can’t do in my space, but this lady had an archway at the entrance to her patio area which was actually a doorway at the top of 5 steps onto an odd shaped balcony. Picture it? Please try, because what she had done was charming. There was some extra space at the top of the steps next to the door and she had made good use of it. I asked if she had built it like this and she said no but that she had paved the steps and the landing with crazy paving. Note to self. Make use of the materials you have got, you can be different.

She had two 20-gallon containers (with drainage holes) and drip trays/saucers placed on the top step on each side of the door (which she had painted an electric blue (!) In the pots she had buried two (each) rebars about waist high. Attached to this, with cable ties, was a custom-cut strip of bent livestock panel which was strong enough to support the canary creeper she had trained from one pot to the other.

It was in bloom when I saw it and oh so pretty. She kept the creeper tidy and the pot spilled over with purple lobelia and white alyssum … with some orange miniature marigolds as the fillers.

The impact was stunning, the choice of colours, the odd mix of plants she’d used and the painted door was amazing. If you can do something like this, please do.

Lestie Mulholland
Container Gardening Editor

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