Hello Everyone!

Okay – so how is this for a test of doing versus not-doing.

I aim to … no I intend to … no I am going to put up a tip of the day for CONTAINER GARDENERS starting from today for at least 30 days.

Then I shall dare myself to do it for another 30 days. I wonder when I’ll run out of tips? Not sure. Maybe you will help me?

I hope you find these useful as maybe it will cover something new for you to consider or maybe they will just act as important reminders about some of the basics. Forget to forget and remember to remember!

Anyway here goes for September 12 to October 11 2020.


Nothing else will make your containers more beautiful for you than if you choose the flowers and plants that please you and match your lifestyle. Ask yourself why you are gardening in containers then act accordingly. How much time do you have to garden daily? Weekly? What’s your budget? How much light/sunshine does your space get and when? There are many other questions to ask but here’s the tip for today – match your container garden with your lifestyle.

Cheers now

Lestie Mulholland
Container Gardening Editor

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