Are you going away this year? Need to keep your plants hydrated?

Many of the usual travel plans seemed to have been disrupted in this Covid-19 year, and many may prefer to stay at home for safety reasons anyway … but if you are going away, and do not have or want a friendly neighbour in to water your plants, there are all sorts of tips around. Here are two reminders and a choice.

You can use absorbent diapers/nappies in a bath/tub/basin/sink of water and place your plant/s on top of this moist layer or you can use some cotton wick wrapped around or tucked 2”+ into the soil in your container. The other end will be in an-as-large-as-you-need container of water. The cotton string (make sure it's thick enough, skinny string will not do) draws up the water and transfers it to your plant. School science was useful not so? Smile now.

Some people use ice cubes, not particularly because they go away, but because it helps make watering their plants easier. They place ice cubes on the soil at intervals (not touching the stems or leaves) and the water melts slowly during the week. Perhaps you could try this?

Lestie Mulholland
Container Gardening Editor

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