I saw a balcony container garden the other day and was so impressed by its cohesion. Maybe this is an odd thing to say, but it's the word that comes to mind that best describes what I want to say. It all hung together - there were no jarring notes, the colour scheme flowed, the plants looked as if they knew how to behave and the effect was amazing. I chatted to the owner (a new garden club member) and asked her how she did it.

She was puzzled at first, it seems my comments and questions made her scratch her head. Anyway, to cut a long conversation short, we both worked out it was because she chose a colour scheme and stuck to it. And that this colour scheme was reliant on the wall cladding of the balcony. And that this was by chance, because she had rented this apartment because she liked the wall cladding!

Okay. Essentially what she did was paint the pots in shades and tones of the wall tiles which meant she had pots going from cream to beige to peanut-butter to rust and even black. By default she had chosen plants, foliage and flowers that blended with this (though she had not meant to - she just had). In the end she was laughing at herself - "and there my favourite, favourite colour is pink, and I don't have one pink thing in my garden!"

Well I suppose I could have written the TIP 'consider painting your containers in shades to match your wall cladding' but it wouldn't have made much sense, so I am pleased you read this far!

Lestie Mulholland
Container Gardening Editor

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