There is so much to say about the choice of containers so we’ll say more over time – but today’s tip is for those who like old galvanised tubs which can look quirky and be fun to use. They are good conductors of heat and so they change temperature with the weather and the season – freezing/very cold in winter and boiling/very hot in summer.

Line them inside completely, (bottom and round the sides) with a thick layer (10+sheets) of newsprint before you put in the soil … and before you plant. Don’t use the shiny colour-printed newspaper advertisement sheets – just the black and white printed newspaper (or plain newsprint if you can find a roll). Don’t block the drainage holes. The paper will disintegrate over time (years) but will protect plant roots from extreme temperatures.

Lestie Mulholland
Container Gardening Editor

Contain your Delight - it's easy!