Not everybody likes everybody and it's the same with plants too! Companion planting is a well-known subject and worthy of study for anyone serious about getting the best container gardens they can.

Are you growing green beans? Do you have or have you had a bean teepee? Well if you are planning to grow some in the summer then be careful not to plant them too close to any member of the onion family, they just don't get on well. Also, don't plant them close to or with dill, fennel or garlic (even though these three are great for cooking/flavouring beans).

Good companions? Yes, beans get on well with beetroot, carrots, nasturtiums, peppers, strawberries and winter savory.

So, plan to add beans to your veggie containers, they are easy to grow and the harvest is worth your while.

Lestie Mulholland
Container Gardening Editor

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