Anyone who has containers in frosty and snowy zones, and who may be facing the winter months, already knows that tender, evergreen or citrus trees must be moved inside for overwintering. Don’t take chances. Protect tree roots and 'bodies' from winter cold by putting your containers in a protected area, on a veranda, in a garage … anywhere you can to shield them from frost, icy winds and very low temperatures. Lift them off stone cold floors too, put them on bricks or blocks of wood. If you can, also use an insulating material to cover them during the coldest months. I guess you already know this and do it as a matter of course, just thought I would say it anyway; I know a couple of gardeners who have taken chances and subsequently lost plants to the very cold.

Frugal gardener? Can't move the pot/container? Use a bed sheet or light blanket instead but use stakes or supports to keep these from touching the leaves. Bought frost cloth is different, it doesn’t matter if it covers/touches plants. Some gardeners use plastic (bin bags etc.) … not my advice or choice.

Lestie Mulholland
Container Gardening Editor

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