There is often a pest hanging around in life not so? Ah well, I guess pests bring a balance of sorts … like when they say a weed is just a plant they haven’t found a use for. Anyway – a good idea is to check your plants regularly for evidence of pests. It could be that you don’t or can’t see them, but they are there because you see the evidence, you may have holes in leaves, nibbled blooms, foliage that looks like lace and not leaf, curling or twisted leaves and more.

Some pests are easy to get rid of, others need more attention but you need to treat each case correctly. Plants are like us, when they are clean, neat, in good soil, have the right conditions, watered just so and etc., they don’t invite unwelcome guests, they don’t get sick easily. But when your plants are weak, undernourished, under-watered and they are pesty, well, I think that proves that aphids and mealie bugs (and their friends) are intelligent, they know just where to go!

Try to treat your containers organically, avoid chemicals, use natural sprays and systemic pest control products whenever possible.

Lestie Mulholland
Container Gardening Editor

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