How are you doing with growing herbs in your containers? I came across a wonderful book on my bookshelves recently written by the late Margaret Roberts, a renowned herbalist (and so much more) here in South Africa. I thought I would wander around its pages and pick up interesting info on some of our favourites.

PARSLEY - Quick facts.

Likes compost rich normal potting soil. Needs good drainage. Allow 20cms between seedlings when planting. Can 'eat' leaves and stalks. 15-25 cms full height. Is propagated from seed (I like buying the seedlings already on their way!) Must have full sun.

Medicinal uses include: Diuretic; detoxifying, breath freshener, mineral rich tonic (add to juicing recipes). Use as garnish, in salads, chop into savoury dishes.

I will add other herbs on other days and every now and then. Please grow some Parsley which is not garsley.

Lestie Mulholland
Container Gardening Editor

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