Container gardening is easy ... but it it hard work, and in that word 'hard' are those other ideas like 'consistency' and 'knowledge'. There is so much to say about this and as a container gardener I am sure you know what I mean - it does take self-discipline and intent to keep a container garden going and looking good. Of course behind this is the love you have of flowers and plants and all things green touched with some passion and the love of sitting back in your space that you created. Why say all this? Well, I just want you to know that I applaud you for what you do!

When speaking of HARD, you can imagine it would be very hard to replant an established tree that you have decided to grow in a container, so plan ahead if this is what you want to do. How big will the tree grow in a couple of years? Is it the a dwarf variety? Is it deciduous or evergreen? Does it suit your space? Can it withstand your weather conditions and if not, how can you support/protect it? Of course there are many other questions that could be asked here - you would need to assess your own situation.

Choose the 'right' container from the outset (amongst other factors it must be able to support your mature tree) and, with the end image in your mind, just keep potting up as the sapling grows until it reaches the size that suits in the container you have chosen. In the meantime, as it's growing you can certainly share its space with other flowering plants.

I did that with my lemon tree and it looks so good today. I still have drooping allysum and lobelia sharing its space with bark mulch. Looks good. Grows well. Gives me fruit. I love it!

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