Just planting a plant in a container does not a container garden make. There is so much to say on this subject that it is too big for ‘just’ a tip of the day, but plants have feelings too. I know because I talk to mine. You do too? Oh well that’s it then, we know don’t we.

Still they were saying to me the other day that I really ought to pretty up their pots with a treatment. A treatment I said? Yes, they answered, use paint if you can or decoupage or mosaic, you know, make us look pretty in some way. And then they said what about adding a bit of whimsy to our space. Whimsy I said, what’s whimsy? Oh, you know, a bit of art from your heart, like pebbles around our bases, or art on the walls nearby or a trellis or two with a pretty creeper or (and this they whispered) you could even add a gnome or a faerie. Okay I said, I’ll see what I can do. I’m sure I heard a sigh ... or maybe it was just the wind.

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