The new house does not have negative energy.

There was a night though during the Australian Open where I went back upstairs to find a light in the hallway opened. Not only did I closed all the lights before going back (it was pitch black when i got to the stairs) it is also a light that I only open when I am there and need it, I only went to the kitchen for a few seconds to get food. That scared me a lot, I had the impression to be looked at when I went back downstairs and was sitting in front of the television but that may not of had anything to do with the light that went on by itself.

Besides the light twice I heard a weird sound (something dropping - the first time it was a loud sound and the second a light sound that was like something falling then rolling on the floor).

I do not have the impression that it is cursed or/and haunted.

I have not heard any foot steps or felt anything bad or been attacked. It's just the three experiences that did not felt negative (unless when i felt looked at it was not me being scared it was for real).

I would of died if I ended up with a bunch of spiders on me. Twice I got a spider on me and I almost had an heart attack the two times (the first was a HUGE spider and technically it was on a cap so not on me - the second was in a shirt and it came out of a sleeve a while after i had put it on). Also once I had a potato in one head and on the other side of it there was a spider, since then I am scared everytime I go into a potato bag to get some.

My brain is like it's on vacation since late January. I thought it would pass when I would start walking again and for a while it seemed better but no. I mostly just watch television or am in front of the computer and when you add all the stress I am under it's not good for my brain. At least now I love where I am living so it's not as bad as before.

Right now I am trying to get rid of my laziness then I'll make a decision. In the meantime I can also wait for how much the insurance will give me for the things I lost in the fire, I already have 20000$ aside so I could end up with enough to not only move out of my parents's house but also my province which is a dream of mine since I de-brainwashed myself from all the idiotic separatist nonsense.

I hope you are feeling better now if not soon! How about your house? Is it much better now?