Ah but I'll point out that you've posted things like "I got it on the first try!" as if this was a wonderful thing.

We all have things we fear in life and part of life is working to face up to those fears. We are not at the mercy of our brains. Our brains are there to serve us. If we build ruts over years where we train ourselves to feel a certain way then it might seem "built in" but it is simply the end result of that training. Like a dog being beaten all the time who now cowers when a person approaches. But there's nothing to say that you need to be that way. You can definitely train yourself to be neutral about spiders. I've seen many, many people do it.

You don't like having panic attacks. You don't like being upset. So let's take steps to change that. Why resign yourself to having daily stress for the rest of your life? It's not like spiders are going to vanish. Spiders will be there every day. If you can learn to tolerate them, then that is a huge stressor that is simply gone from your life. The spiders won't go away. The stress can.

So start just by thinking that they are deserving of love when you find them. Sure, your body will try to react in its same patterns. Think it anyway. That's how the change begins. A tiny thought.

Lisa Shea, Low Carb and Video Games Editor
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