First of all I do not find any pleasure with killing spiders, I am afraid of them! When I was young I would run out of the room then I slowly learned to get the babies then the other ones but only with a long handle, when it is tarantula size then I completely lose it and yes I am talking real panic attacks! If I would not have that phobia then I would put them outside instead of killing them but it's a miracle that I have learned to kill most (try having something your are deeply afraid of running free in your home - that happened to me in Ste-Florence with a tarantula size spider - it took me months to be able to put my feet on the floor when sitting on a chair and to walk in a room with no lights)! Yes they are living beings and yes they deserve to live in peace but that phobia is not my fault and it certainly is not my fault that spiders are everywhere! By the way even without that phobia I would not let spiders live in my home, I would bring them outside but not let them live in my home!