Great to see you back smile!

The Colbert Report was an excellent show, the last episode was last year, Stephen Colbert was the host and is the replacement of David Letterman. I miss that show so much frown.

Looks like spiders loves me too and I am not pleased about it. I have been sleeping on a floor in the basement of our new house since the day we bought it on an air bed. It does not bother me since it could be worst (i could be homeless) and anyway these things are comfortable. The problem is that the last weeks there have been a lot of them. I guess my phobia is getting better since I still sleep on the floor of a room with a lot of spiders. They (except the first that i saw there which was during like the first month) have all been in the electric heater. I have no idea what is so special to spiders about that electric heater but they sure love it. Then this morning I saw one on the wall near my television chair, I go get it with a Swiffer mop and it goes on the floor which is black and the spider was black too so of course I did not get it. So now in addition of making sure there's no spiders on and near the bed I do the same before sitting in front of the television and in front of the computer since it's in the same room (oh and the tv chair and computer desk and chair are of course black).

Thankfully the spiders here are not tarantula size unlike the ones where I was living before so that must be the main reason why I am not panicking about all these spiders (it freaks me out but at least not meaning me losing my mind while screaming at the top of my lungs like i used to do).