My goodness, but you've been busy smile

I have to say though I remember, vividly, the stress you were under and the only answer was: "Get out of that house."

Regardless what people may think, your surrounding very much affect a person, mentally, physically and your Soul.

If someone has a "Soul" question or issue, I'll almost always go to the people they have surrounding them. Negative people create negative energy and depending on your sensitivity level, it most undoubtedly will get to yours and you'll probably see it coming out in weird ways. You're tired more than usual, cranky, loss of optimism, etc. From there, negative things usually find there way into your life as well.

I'm glad the house itself isn't retaining surreal energy. As human beings, we emit, electrical currents. These currents, for some people can be felt and/or if they're strong enough cause off or odd things to happen.

As far as spiders go, nothing in the spirit world terrifies me more than one of those! The Spiritual world...well, usually all they want to do is talk. Spiders have WAY to many legs to do any of that.

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