Three spiders so far!

The first I saw while doing my round before going on the air bed, it was big and on the electric heater, I did not want it to go hide in it so I sprayed it with Windex and when it fell on the floor I used the Swiffer mop! The second was about an hour ago, mom asked me what was on the electric heater of the biggest room downstairs and I said spider, she sprayed it with Windex and it went hiding behind but she stayed there and when I came back from a walk she told me it had came out and she waited until it was off the heater to kill it! The last was a few moments ago on a wall in this room, it was near the corner so I waited for mom to come back inside the house but then it started to move so I tried with a Swiffer mop and got it, of course almost immediately was when mom came back inside the house!