Hi Nancy, thank you. TBI from an accident sent me well into I'd say at least 2 yrs trying to recover. I had no idea just how much it could affect a person. You really have to exercise that organ to bring it back to running speed smile

My relationship with spiders goes back, now that I think of it to childhood years. I mean just uncanny issues and of course timing.

I remember being little, playing with a shovel and sand in the front driveway. Screams came out of my little body that could shatter glass!

Happy as a clam in my sunflower summer dress, likely humming to myself, I look down and oh about 1/2 dozen Daddy Long Legs are wrapped around my arms and legs sending me flying around the neighborhood trying to get them off. Ya, didn't think that one through too well. They only clinged more tightly...

We recently moved as well to TX. Other than our eight legged friends, hows the energy at your new place?

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