I know how to drive and have not driven in a few years but I am about to start again.

Almost everyone I know has had at least one experience with spiders in their car but me none so far thankfully. I hope if one day it happens I will have the sense to not panic like that woman did. Was her son okay? If it is a tarantula then I know I won't be able to control myself. The way I react always depends on how big it is and how far it is from me and where it happens. This is why I cannot do yard work when it is not Winter, I could be on a ladder or using something dangerous and then completely freak out.

Oh wow and now I have something else to be stressed about when driving (i know it was not your intention smile i keep going back to Live Leak and there theres a lot of video about driving that makes me more nervous about driving - in fact im going there right after this post grin haha)!