First of all this morning I saw that there was another spider caught in one of the traps downstairs near the stairs, it died near the other one.

Now it looks like this year will be a year for spiders here! Went outside early afternoon (and also for the last time i went out without looking outside first) and before reaching the stairs of the balcony I thought I had a hair on me then I saw in the corner of an eye a few spiders so about a second later while screaming I was on the grass and there was at least thirty spiders all over the balcony so I walked in spider webs! Jumped and hit myself to be sure I had none on me then found mom and after about five minutes of trying to get these spiders off with a mop that had windex on it dad came from the beach and a few minutes later came to helped her (i could not - was frozen with fear)! Then I went on the beach for about forty minutes then there were at least twenty more which mom got! After I was done changing inside I saw dad get more spiders! Eek eek!