Thanks for all of the replies and YES, Lisa, I've heard something along those lines as spiders are drawn to certain people and have a Spiritual significance.

Ironically - TRUE STORY!

Just today, went to my new Dr. and my husband has seen it happen. I'll be in the kitchen and of all the places, one parachuttes off the ceiling right above my head and you see him blow cheeks puffed out and all and yank me away, lol.

But today, I'm at the front desk, waiting for a follow-up schedule appt. and this spider walks past my feet/toes. Stops, turns around (We both look down and and I'm like you gotta be #$%^&-me) he opens the door for me, I walk through it and he goes,

"'s following right behind you...." It actually sped up to catch up to me. I just look at the sky, shake my head, like - I give up, lol smile

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