Thanks Lisa,

It's comin' like sprinkles...not all at once, but I'm getting those affirmations as you mention. You must have a bit of the ol' Irish/Native American sensitivity yourself smile

My husband said yesterday, it feels like a pin-hole of light, but solid one. He's the "Joe" of "Allison's" Medium (the t.V. show).

In his words: "It's all energy and a huge imbalance going on right now of gargantuan proportions. People (their beings) are sifting through or trying to, decide which side to invest their own energy.

But even spiders, which wanted so badly to show how much good-luck was coming my way, crawled inside my ear...ewwww....when it keeps happening over and over, I call those affirmations smile

Karen Elleise
Clairvoyance Editor
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