See, this is what I keep talking about smile. Spiders exist in nature. They are always going to exist. By feeding your stress about spiders, you are ensuring you are always going to be stressed, because spiders will not stop existing. It's like feeding a stress about the sun rising. There's no reason to be stressed about it and it makes far more sense to be calm about it. Why are you *adding* stress to your own life?

Every person has items they could be stressed about and whether you are or are not stressed about them is 100% under your control. You are actively choosing to build your stress levels about spiders. When you see one, you call out to others to come build the stress levels. You make it into a game, in a way. You increase the stress about the object. And then you write about it, solidifying and enhancing the stress in your mind. This is all classic stress-building behavior. You are reinforcing your stress levels and making them even worse. You're winding yourself up.

None of this makes any sense, given the stress you're already under.

Really, give some thought to trying my method. To keep escalating your stress over spiders just doesn't make sense. I'm happy to help.

Lisa Shea, Low Carb and Video Games Editor
Low Carb Forum