Oh Shannon,

No don't appologize, it's my reading. Not you.

I actually got the same feeling when I was there and when I was there, OMG...you have no idea!

Try to imagine like those lanes they put up in airports? They have these metal poles and elastic like what you wrap your ankle in? There are rooms and elevators and restaurants all in one setting. It was wierd.

You all get up at a certain hour. You have a number and kind of like an airport, you "check-in" like you're going to college and here's your schedule.

Lots of waiting and it really felt like a herd of cattle. My experience had 80% ego/20% people who cared and kids young enough to be a bouncer or something w/their feet up on their desks bobbing up and down on their leather chairs.

Shocked to say the least...it was like "Did your dad get you the job or what?"

Anyway, didn't know they had anything to do w/the gv, but I remember feeling very patronized...I'm worried we're going in the same direction w/this health-care system thingy.

Be careful...just use common sense and God willing, you'll be directed to a good doctor and if one doesn't "feel" right, like makes wierd requests...like oh you found the spider that bit you...leave it here for further testing. RUN!!!!!!!!!!!

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