I can listen to something and/or watch something and w/in a few sec. or min., have a sense directing me, as to the accuracy or truthfulness of the subject matter. Be it a person, video, interview, etc. good information and people usually find me - bad sometimes too, but I'll usually be able to turn those types of thing around. smile

Senses can be a useful thing at times, exhaustive at others. You just have to go w/it...

This topic is important. Mostly because I do FEEL-STRONGLY it is something that may easily become (in some manner) a Global issue of some sort, if it's not dealt with.

The main thing is not to panic. This is for informational purposes only. Panic does nothing. Just be aware but not discounted either. Especially if you begin feeling ill - like the flu.

What I feel and have some confirmation of are "Bird-mites," or BIRDS, specifically are a growing concern. I feel it in my heart, mind, body and Soul and I don't feel the average person knows much about what they are and are capable of and how to avoid bringing them into the home.

I feel these Mites or "Cross-breeds" of these Mites are understated, under investigated or simply kept out of public and medical realm in terms of dealing w/them effectively.

So, this topic is here to help, whomever and I will try to keep people updated.

Keep calm and simply be aware if you happen to cross paths w/these creatures and seek out a good Dr. should you happen to need one. wink They ARE out there! It just may take a few times finding one.


From my experience, there seems to be a great deal of "mis-information" out there.

Everything from rolling eyes of a Dr. to dismissive behavior altogether, especially in the industry of bug maintenance, which I suspect already know about these.

Most people don't want to go to a Dr., for something that could be simple, or at least I don't. So, through me, you can try to envision a "test-like-subject." Always happy to be of service, lol...

So, here's what I've been able to deduce with my experience, still on-going (BTW - we live in the NORTHERN MID-WEST).

1.) You don't have to have "Tweety-Bird" inside as a pet to get these.

2.) They are primarily found in heavily wooded, forestry, type areas, preferable near water.

3.) The initial stages usually go unnoticed.

4.) Later, you may see small red bumps, A small red dot and/or even what looks like a chigger bite, that will eventually draw more bites surrounding it.

(this is where you don't want it to get to that stage. Once the bubble breaks you're kind of screwd and you'll be going to the Dr.)

I happen to have a brilliant Dr., but I didn't at first. So, here's, in some aspects where I can say what did and didn't work...at least w/me.

5.) The Mites can and DO communicate w/eachother and in my opinion attack, mostly at night, in clusters.

6.) The Mites can be brought in by pets and high trafficked areas and primarily through the leaves they're running through and/or walking through. Say a walk-way up to the house, leaves on a deck AND by hand if you garden, pull weeds or have BIRD-FEEDERS you handle daily, even if you wash your hands after.

7.) These Mites seem to "Cling." So simple water or laying in a bath won't do it. (Scrub...scrub...scrub...and don't use a loofa) smile

8.) The Mites aren't visible to the naked eye. So, if someone suggests you're being bitten by "bed-bugs" check it out, but usually you know if you've got bed bugs or not.

9.) These Mites have a residual affect and will leave scars.

10.) These Mites seem to carry w/them diseases and infections that CAN be passed onto humans. In that sense, if you have lingering symptoms - GO SEE A DR!

11.) I have "0" allergies. I don't even get cold-sores. Up until the "invasion" my immune system was off the charts - healthy! So, they tend to lower the immune system.

12.) Once the body has been introduced to the BACTERIA (this seems and FEELS the important part!!!) it's natural, the body will try to defend itself w/anti-bodies. Which, IN MY OPINION, is one of the reasons your immune system suffers. It's busy knocking anything from rashes, to more serious bacteria out of your system.

13.) I'll go into symptoms later. This is enough info. for right now. But the GOOD NEWS, with me anyway...I now am literally gifted, w/the ability to sniff these guys out. Kind of like a blood-hound.

My nose will instantly start to run and I'll begin to itch all over.

HOWEVER! You need to wait out the "itching" for awhile. Reason being, corrective measures. You don't want to over do it and only deal with it, if you begin to feel or SEE a red dot develop. So, basically - the runny nose and itching is like an Allergy now. You've got a defense mechanism.

***Again - don't panic. You don't want to think or convince yourself, every little thing is a MITE. They have an M.O. which I'll go into later. AND don't go out an purchase a bunch of junk that doesn't and WILL NOT work.

I suspect - there are people who do know about these things and feel some are already trying to capitalize on an issue that can be mentally, physically and Spiritually draining.

Hopefully, my experience will help someone else out there.

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