That's right. If you get warm, the itching will begin earlier than usual. I will turn on the air or Fans. That disturbs them some how.

I feel strong scents, detour them, but it feels like it interferes w/their communication w/each other. so when they attack, basically it's like an army all at once especially at night. It will feel like things crawling and itching everywhere.

They'll go up your nose, ears, ehemm....entry and exit orphaces even eye sockets, like you'll feel a pinch literally on your eye.

T-trea-oil and oatmeal baths will relieve for a bit, but your sheets??? Even if you wash them, they shouldn't go on your bed until right before you're ready to use them. No short cuts. Vacuum, all sheets, blankets, comforters, washed, every flippin' day@ cry

P.S. These don't fly and they don't hop like fleas. You don't see them but for possibly a changing of coloring if you're lucky. Get sticky roll tape. They'll be clear/rubbery at first, red (bright red) then brown.

Pets, some seem to be immune but can unfortuanately track them in just the same. You'll begin looking like you have mange or something once it gets really bad.

Karen Elleise
Clairvoyance Editor
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