It's mites. Found that out for sure.

The problem is, there's many species and they're well, like inter mingling.

So say, (actually I made a joke to my husband):

What did the Scabbies mite say to the bird-mite?

Answer: Let's go make some "spores."

It's not the same writing it out, but it made us both laugh and I just do that sometimes.

What I meant though is that you can have symptoms of scabbies but that usually comes after the other mites, for some reason. IF you even get the scabbie type waxy stuff at all.

But ya, the guy that came out said, you've got mites. Problem IS getting someone to put that down on paper. So, whatever. In the meantime I can only tell people what has helped.

Me going through it is one thing. Say a child? I would just die. These, you feel and they somehow, someway anesthetises you, so they itch at first, but when it reaches the icky stage where it LOOKS like it hurts, you don't feel a thing. confused

I'll tell you what...these creature have intellect! They know how to communicate a food sorce and identify an open wound.

I have some photos of before and after applying salt. We've had company so I'm behind more than usual.

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