I'll try and start here with a sense of humor (ha-ha).

Ok, on with it. Disclaimer/Forewarning this isn't for the squimish. They're rated "G" for gross... Don't scroll down if you've a sensitive stomach. None the less, this is real.

Anyway, let me tell you about a little story about a young lady, who of all the places she could sit...Spirit would have her plant her rear end on what appeared to be grass, but ended up harboring something much, much different.

She lived in a small town and with welts all over her called the hospital, which proceeded to tell her quite sternly:

"WE...don't have Fire-Ants!"

Keep in mind this young lady HATES Dr.'s and had no idea what exactly "Fire-Ants were or did, but out popped that word.

She decided to take her hind quarters downtown with a vial filled with what made out of her a harty 4-limb course and, low and behold, they put them under a scope and were in fact "Fire-Ants." confused

The following year there were insecticides with "Fire-Ant" protection labled everywhere in their stores.

Now, bringing this into present-time, the "curious photos" below is significant. Why?

Because it's mine.

The following are photos that belong to me as well. Their significance? They're me...

I've heard of Akashic records, but things, when they happen over and over - not so much in a bad way (I mean I'm willing apparently) me thinks a past life o' mine must've been that of a few "Expressos!" or something along the lines of a soldier.

I've been writing for about 10 yrs or so. I write or express what I sense, feel, "see" because they're things that happen to and through my being. It's not always pleasant, but it's not always bad either. Just the honest to goodness truth of oddities that happen to press at my doorstep.


I told my husband oh..about 2-3 months ago: "They're gonna resurrect the 'bedbug' and somehow, someway this is going to have to do w/the CDC and Bird mites??? What's the CDC?"

He said, he didn't know.

What I've chosen to do w/the items that come across or through me, is to try and help or forewarn.

There really IS a new bug in town and it's not one apt to be advertised.

In my heart, I don't want people to panic or spend a lot of money they most likely won't have, on contracts, excessive Dr. visits or medicines and being told things that just don't work.

On a separate subject, way back when, during elections and such and there was a big push or rise to "just" tax the "wealthy" well, everyone's gonna get it and in a way, like that guy who went to jail for some ponzi (sp) scheme "Madoff??" I think is the'll be similar in the sense "Winners/lossers" are coming and going abroad.

On a "little person's/medium/genuine person's" level though, just about everything you can think of, you'll find being subject to being taxed and told it's for the greater good.

I mean everything...down to gardening, water/electricity, gas, etc.

In the next few years, you can even expect to see "Home inspectors."

They'll be people that simply went through some training program and be at your home to ...well kind of like electric meter people used to do? But these people will be different...the GV won't want them to think too much either..just do what their told, basically and collect data...this is what I feel.

I also see Union members/leaders...(I don't kow exactly what they do) not being anymore a significant resource in, what feels like, the medium future. That could change??? I don't know that much about them, to be honest, but it "feels" they fade out as well as other aspects of branches and/or voting parties, etc.

The good news is that people ALL types of people are feeling that "thing" you know?? that thing that makes them feel bothered enough to do something about it.

People who showed TRUE leadership...well, they will lead the way and again, ALL people, meaning not every single person, but more SOULS no matter who you are, stir to the point they come alive again! They energize the "channels!"

TRUTH begins to build and mentors , as well as genuine bridges continue to be made. smile

This article prompted most of this...the rest has just been building up. I happen to be in the central IL area and I'll tell you what...these things, at least the ones I've run across are anything BUT "Bedbugs." I'll post things that work and don't w/these bugs and what to do as far as protecting from getting them in the first place ((hugs-to-all))!

CBS Top Bed Bug Cities
Originally Posted By: Elleise - Clairvoyance
I've heard of Akashic records, but things, when they happen over and over - not so much in a bad way (I mean I'm willing apparently) me thinks a past life o' mine must've been that of a few "Expressos!" or something along the lines of a soldier.

I've been writing for about 10 yrs or so. I write or express what I sense, feel, "see" because they're things that happen to and through my being. It's not always pleasant, but it's not always bad either. Just the honest to goodness truth of oddities that happen to press at my doorstep.

I always thought that the Akashic Records were sealed to us until we return but apparently that is not the case. "Ask and ye shall receive" is the rule and many people have tapped into the records for clarity not only for themselves but for others.

I would like to peek into my records. It seems like a good time for me to do so.

In any case, Elleise, it sounds as though you are similar to me when it comes to "seeing" a rush of things. In your case, you see several future possibilities playing before your eyes. In mine, I see faces and some scenarios related to them.

What to do with all of this? {{shrug}} What you feel compelled to do with them. Your inner guidance will always lead you.
Akashic Records or any term, you know, well, it's like words are words.

On a material plane we need them to communicate. But, lol, it's been my experience that they do well, but not nearly well enough in reflecting the actual energy or experience itself.

To extract the depth of a person's Soul, what I've found is the more detatched you are from the news, money, fear, etc., the closer you can be to what they call, "The Akashic Records."

If you can't extract yourself, you'll often find portions of them in your Dreams.

One heck of a novel ((hugs)) smile
A series of events have happened over this past month.

Foretelling, followed by affirmation. Just incredible things that in no way shape size or form would I have knowledge of.

I'll share this, and it's difficult, but real.

A woman knocked on my door and without thinking I pointed across the hills and said..."You live over there?" Happened so fast, I'm not sure what I was thinking. She backed out of the walkway scared basically.

Our water heater burned out. My husband was asleep when the repairman came so I was forced to interact w/him. As he was leaving he said, "How long have you lived out here?" I told him and he proceeded to tell me about a death out here. I pointed right to it and again, w/out knowing anything about it said, "Gun shot, right? Oh, no...God, I knew it."

Leading up to this part...

A month or so ago I wrote on this thread, I'd like to see people have 1-3 months of savings. Food and finances. I have this already.

This next part - well have you ever noticed when you read something, you hear it in your head according to how you'd see it?

I don't care if this is popular or not. Someone told me I sounded like Glenn Beck. I said I can't help that. My information...I won't even read the news...anyway - I subscribed to a 2-week free trial to GBTV.

If you see this man as racist or hater, check yourself...It's likely to have more to do w/you than actually being true. In fact, at this point in time...I feel comfortable syaing if you're on target, see the truth of what's happening, you're likely to be pursecuted, sacrificial lamb of some sort, etc.

Your GV's are broke. That's a feeling so strong there's just nothing else to say.

I had to step away from GBTV because it was TOO accurate for me. I felt physically nauseous and not because I felt he was racist or hateful, by any means. He felt frustrated - that's about it. If you really want to know what's going on, this guy has the intellect I simply don't have to present it in an organized way.

Just today, I found out our Town cancelled garbage service to the entire area. Their excuse online,...??? Too much snow on the ground. I'll post a photo here of not a singe flake coming out of the sky and dry pavement. You're suppose to drive your garbage to an emergency shelter, out of this town, to another about 40 miles away.

I'd pay close attention to these signs!

I saw today after not looking into anything...I wrote about it some time ago though, but with this particular clip, I don't know what cypress is, but it's moreover another sign of what's heading this way. 1 - 3 months finances and food...

Try to put your personal feelings aside and at least keep an open mind. He feels exactly right:

EU goes after saving?
This is the front and back of our home. I'm working on trying to size the second photo. It's hard for me to read so I kind of just click here and there. I haven't memory like other people...

But anyway, this is current, as of today and real.

What they put on the internet is anything but...

well, I've take 5 or so months off from this particular thread (whew... whistle)

A much needed vacation, lol. It's not a favorite of mine, but I love people. So show must go on, lol.

Good news (there actually is some! smile ) People are actually risking it all and coming forward with information we might, alone, not be able to have. People are also, finally starting to pay, maybe not a HUGE amount of attn., but more than they were.

This is an article that's actually "feels" accurate:

"New Jobs But..."

This is precisely the feeling I get when I look to the people and their quiet-suffering. It's also good that people are desiring and participating in conversations that we should be having.

We'll have some events coming here in the not so distant future.

This part is a feeling...msgs being sent. Not in email fashion: Like for instance, back in 9/11/01 I was seeing my family out there. Got to the airport just as the second plane hit.

The day before, we'd gone to an amusement park and along the side of the road there was a red sign painted on an exit. I get panic attacks and I had a big one then.

The sign read: "FOX IN THE PEN"

I'm have similar feelings about messages sort of like that, so not in say emails or anything. More like on the back of say a pill. So, you know how there's imprints on Aspirin? Like that, but in numbers. Like 2/27 or something like that.

I still get the feeling of wanting to have 1-3 months of just rations. Stuff you won't get bored eating. Dehydrated milks, herbs, bouillon and SALT. Just sensible things, dried potatoes, fruits, oats, powdered eggs, etc.

There's a big push for EBT's, lately. I've had one, they're useful when cash isn't coming in. HOWEVER, let's say the media coverage is saying the economy's great when in actuality the reality is VERY LOW PAY - well, then you quite probably qualify for an EBT card.

Keep in mind, once you do and feeling pretty good about getting all that food for free (I know it made me breath easier) what happens when there's a glitch in "the system" or there's an attack/virus, etc and guess what? Your card/ATM no longer work.

Think about the type of behavior we'd be apt to have. Not all, but a large percentage. So if you need an EBT, use it. But do your best to do what you can on your own, just in case. wink

There's some changes coming when everyone voted (not everyone) for that health-care bill. They're getting ready for them, now. I get the feeling of "trade-offs." so, like you scratch my back I'll give you mine, etc.

Awhile back, maybe 6 yrs. ago I said to a friend of mine, some day they'll chip everyone. Like your babies. She said what do you mean?

I said it'll be like those things they've got in the cats and dogs, that "ehemmm are for your protection, safety of the animal."

She asked where they'd go? I said, right now I get two pictures in my is like a green/screen in your eye - cant think of the word, but like where cataracts grow/develop. The other picture I see is in the wrist, palm, hand area. They'll have info on you but you'll also swipe them across this looks like one of those silver ashtray stands, but the top is either dark/black or florescent blue-ish, and red pops in as well, like an alarm type deal.

There's also going to be some words to watch for: "Smart" So, Smart this, Smart that, Smart washer, Smart whatever.

"Sustainable" is another word I keep seeing over and over, (enough it gets me headaches/migraines).

"Urban" is another...(I think) but it's part of another word that has to do with the one above. This is where your towns come into it. So say your own towns are broke, they'll get grants by doing these, X,Y,Z things to help push this thing along. I think even your own gardens end up coming into this...these are just feelings "Seer" type feelings. So don't panic or anything, lol.

In the future I also see we'll have toilets that basically analyze your chemistry.

There's more....but on to more mysterious and happy things!! ((hugs)) smile
A bit off topic:

Try to look at it though as sensing it first, getting a run around then affirmation of what they are and why they're not being discussed.

This little guy is coming to a home near you. What I will try to provide are tips, articles and what to expect from healthcare officials as well as in the home, how to deal w/both them and emotions.

This article is a good start. Though not mine it feels important to at least skim over until I can get one up of my own experience.

It's fall and that's when the mites come to a home near you!

Can Bird Mites Infest Human Beings?

Pshaa whistle or rolling of the eyes, even a nice little pat on the head sending you to a dermatologist or for extra fun write down you have a disorder described as Morgellans Disease...

Coming back from the hospital today, I can tell you TAKE PHOTOS~

P.S. Try to block out the ad at the bottom for fog machining. The article alone is all you need for now.
Good info in the article. Thanks Elleise. You should have taken the pictures you made to show the doctors.
I wanted to SoOOoo bad!

I told my husband (and I'll only go to the Dr. if I'm actually sick) "something's gonna happen and we're going to need those photos."

Sure enough, went to 2 places. We're entering the socialized health system everyone wanted. More to come w/that one in another thread.

Anyway, in a 1 hr. radius, we couldn't be seen.

We had to travel, travel, travel. Found a place another 1/2 hr. away.

They weren't familiar w/the "DEVIL BUGS" I call them, so it was like a cow being corralled through an ally. But, lol, try picturing one that faints in the middle of it.

I'll download some pictures though, so if people start to see something like it. Don't panic, but don't be complacent either.
Here are the mite bite photos. There are many stages in between, but these are approximately 2-3 weeks after you've initially been bit.

The mites aren't visible to the naked eye and until you realize something's itchy like a mosquito-bite you won't see a bite mark or raised skin.

It will begin though looking very much like a chigger-bite confused

Before even that and you've worked through all the B.S and find a good doctor a bite once you know what to look for will look like a tiny pin prick dot like if you poked yourself w/a sewing/hemming pin.

Originally Posted By: Elleise - Clairvoyance
There are many stages in between, but these are approximately 2-3 weeks after you've initially been bit.

The mites aren't visible to the naked eye and until you realize something's itchy like a mosquito-bite you won't see a bite mark or raised skin.

It will begin though looking very much like a chigger-bite confused

Before even that and until you work through all the B.S. and find a good Dr. and DO know what to look for, they'll look very much like a teeny-tiny, pin-prick red dot. Like a hemming-pin.

AND one more added bonus...they multiply rapidly, 20 x's faster than fleas. No market bug spray or fogger deters them and they come out more at night and feed.

They've thermal and carbon dioxide identifiers and will last well over 8 months to over 1 yr.

It's been my experience, they "mark" their victims. Like a honing device sort of. So they'll bite near old healed wounds...kind of like what hornets do.
Oh my gosh....that is awful something to eat you up like that. Have your bites cleared up yet...sure looks painful...and did the doctor give you anything for it. I think I would still take these pictures and show the doctor. Bless your heart...I sure hope they clear up soon. Did they bite your husband too.

You're spot on!


Those stages are from 8 months ago. The photos are mearly what could be expected. Those stages happened to me, but they'er back. At least here anyway...

Little by little I'm running into patterns, situations and what have you, coincidences?

But the "Feeling" part is Something in the "categorization" like it doesn't have clearance or something or causes a great deal of hasle for people, like bug professionals to deal w/.

This is a feeling, but it feels there are diseases...I'd say, that the public can and can't be made aware of publically. Like they don't have a clearance of some type.

So, thinking of West-Niles and Mosquitoes, what if that was 100th of the size and far more infectious?

Here, we're entering Autumn. I feel they get hungry just like any other living critter.

I can only say what I'd do. I can't tell anyone what TO do.

But, what I'd Do:

Cover up if you go into parks, like wild-life parks! Kind of like protecting you or your children from ticks and mosquitoes.

Wash hands, leave shoes OUTSIDE, even have separate shoes - some for indoors, some out.[/b][/u]

I would put clothes from outings immediately into the wash or a bag, and then into the washing machine with bleach or Amonia or Borax.

In a bag alone, my personal experience is, they can pass through plastic. Like garbage bags.

I don't look like the photos anymopre. But, I know what to look for and hope what happened to me, might offer some tips on how to avoid happening to anyone else.

P.S. Find a good physician you can communicate w/as well as knowing irregularities w/in your own body and SKIN!!

I wouldn't accept..."Oh, boild are quite more common than you might think..." GRrrrrrr!
Originally Posted By: PeggyAnn
Oh my gosh....that is awful something to eat you up like that.
Have your bites cleared up yet...sure looks painful...and did the
doctor give you anything for it.

I think I would still take these pictures and show the doctor.

Bless your heart...I sure hope they clear up soon. Did they bite your husband too.

I'm still learning how to do imaging, but you had a really great question!

Did they bite my husband too?

Oh YES!!

That's his arm above.

One more thing...

I should mention this also.

Does anyone know what an Oxymoron is? I kind of feel like one myself at times.

But initially, there's no sensation you've been bitten. Then it begins itching, then you notice either little pin-prick dots OR what looks like a chiggar-bite, depending how long it's been.

I live in a forrest reserve, so I didn't think much of it...

Once it reaches the "Gross" stage, they anesthetize (sp) you, so, you get scared, but fail to feel a thing. You just keep changing bandages.

Shortly after these photos, they formed lines one on each side of my spine.

These guys know what they're doing.

I'd say we're or will be entering MICRO elements, quite soon here.

These are pictures of Lyme Disease.

With all due respect to the spiritual stuff, this is a physical ailment and must be treated physically.

The dear ticks have this bacteria inside of them, and if you can get the tick off within 48hrs, using tweezers only, it will not pass on to you.

Unfortunately, your area of the country has a lot of infested ticks.

Please, Please, Read the following and print it and get it to your doctor immediately... Please !

Late Nite Radio Show informed me of it:


In the first half, medical researcher Tom Grier discussed Lyme disease, and reacted to the announcement by the CDC that the disease rate is 10 times higher than previously reported. While the disease can originate from the bite of 11 different tick species, the current medical test for the infection can only detect one species, which leads to problems in diagnosis, he detailed. Early symptoms include fatigue, headaches, disorientation, and sensitivity to bright lights. Later, joint pain and swelling, facial paralysis, heart palpitations, and even encephalitis can arise, he said. According to the research, some 25% of cases of multiple sclerosis (MS) are actually related to Lyme disease, Grier noted.

If you are hiking outdoors in states where ticks are prevalent (see map), he advised wearing long sleeves and pants tucked into your socks, as well as spraying clothes with an insecticide like promethryn. If you see a tick on your skin, it's not enough to just pull it off as the creature has likely embedded its head under the skin. Grier advised using a sharp forceps or tweezers to remove a small piece of skin with the tick. As far as treatment, the antibiotic doxycycline has been effective against Lyme disease, though the price of the drug has recently skyrocketed, he reported. For further information, he recommended the Lyme Disease Association in New Jersey, the Canadian Lyme Disease Foundation (CanLyme), the Lyme Times, and ILADS.

Oh Burt...

Thank you for looking out for me, but already been tested. Not lyme disease or tick. It's mites.

It's almost a cross-breed.

I swear I feel like a human biological experiment, lol smile
Goodness !!!

We're all lab rats in one way or another.

Don't forget electronic harassing.

Yeah, they locked me up, but it really happens.


Burt B.
That's funny Burt smile

I found this or it found me, whichever, lol. But anyhoo, scroll down to the "Biting Mites" section" but honestly I'd look at the whole thingy.

Insect Experts...Chiggars, itchmites and bedbugs "Oh my"

Also, I said the exact same thing to my husband just yesterday, 'cept, I used the word "Guineapigs."

I can tell you things that work and stuff that really just doesn't.

Primarily: "Permethrin"

It's a cream, you put on overnight, shower, wash it off next morning.

P.S. What's electronic harassment? confused
It's when an agency directs a beam of energy toward you and can plant voices, etc.

Not the same thing I'm "feeling"

The noise or "hummmm" is the closest I can come to identifying w/it.

I don't feel something external coming from outside. It's more a connection, like the internet,but I'm walking around

"Wireless" smile
Your listening to the Music of The Spheres My Dear :O)
I 'm not sure what that means, but I've heard the thing no matter where I go, with maybe a bit of a difference.

Some deeper than others. Some stronger than others.

But this "Bug in town" People need to seriously look into MITES!

I want to fix it but I just can't.

The MITES, well they pretty much cross-breed.

If you get them, my heart goes out to you ((hugs))
Elleise...what do these mites look like? Are they coming out of your skin as if they have bred inside of your body?
There's still a debate on exactly what these mites actually do as far as habitating (if that's a word).

I can tell you what my experience was.

They don't fly, they're too small for the naked eye to see. In fact at first, you probably won't notice a thing. A few days later a blister like thing appears, just like a chiggar bite.

You put chigger-rest or something like it on it, think nothing of it and it gets bigger and bigger and then there's a white dot in the middle and bubbles around the edge of the originating bite start to form. Those bubbles eat away at your skin, joining the originating blister-like bump.

They almost build cities like in a row or circle. They did it around my belly button. Then something under the skin connects those cities, like a burrowing. Then you get large boils.

Puss, infection, not fun at all. What's troubling is that mum's the word and unless you know someone, every place you go will tell you anything from a "Dermatologist" issue, to psychosis, even Scabbies.

Scabbies usually are found in the webs of fingers and toes and leave a hard scaley like fungus behind.

These are nothing like that, but I'm getting the feeling that mites, just like anything CROSS-BREED!

These leave bird nests after birds migrate in search for a blood meal. They're not picky either. Cover up in Autumn and take a shower after being outside in heavily wooded areas.

They disike sunny areas. Those seem to be o.k., but animals can track them into the home... tired
Your mites sound pretty bad, Elleise. When I got bit from mites affecting my canaries and finches years ago I only had tiny red spots on my skin, some of which are still visible. But I never had the larger welts or track marks you mention. You must have another more aggressive species of mite attacking you than the bird mites I was exposed to.
They are, from what I'm being told, "UNOFFICIALLY" what's that pithy little saying that's almost worthy of an attorney?

"Not officially speak on the matter?" Something like that.

I had w/a head injury tripple vision. It's been 4 yrs. now so got it down to 1 1/2 so like a halo or phatom outline. Anywhoo, it's hard to research it or I have to go back again and again and again, w/memory issues.

But verbally (the lost art of communication) speaking, it helps to have connections. There aren't just 1 or 2 types of mites. There's things like hybrids or crosses.

But just speakin gof Birdmites in general, to make it simple, there's the ones that are easy enough to get rid of and the ones that are like "Elders" D'something or another and put even the "GODFATHER" to shame...

They last forever and as an added bonus, they carry microbiotic diseseases and viruses. They seems to like bedrooms and places of moisture. so, like bathrooms and such.

You'll need a spray bottle w/a mixture of water an bleach. After you take a bath or shower is best!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Spray it all.

These guys communicate.

What's that mean?

Initially you'll be ignorant and think it's some bug or flea. You'll run to the store get a fogger it won't work) you'll go back and buy in bulk (that won't work) Then you'll change product and might get some...SOME reliefe for maybe 1-2 days.

They're immune to just about everything. So you'll need to get creative and think, Terminator...

They keep going an you have to out smart or start thinking like a mite.

If/shoul you fog a room...ha-ha...joke is on you. All they do is move to the next room over ORRRR...the go down your vents. You'll have to tape up everything cry
Wow...those mites seem positively demonic! This may sound silly, but have you gone to a veterinarian for advice? Also, I have a dear friend who specializes in demonic clearings, if you are interested...all she needs is your pic. Hm...what is the "unofficial" of which you speak?
Oh my Elleise, do you think these things are mutated. Have you been able to get rid of them yet. They sure sound demonic to me.
Mutated , actually is exactly the word I did use.

They seem to be a cross-breed of some sort and regardless of what eventually you (figurative) might read, plastic coverings???

One word..."Ha (o.k. 2 words) ha-ha:)

They can go through just about anything because they're that small. So, should you encounter something of these sorts, it's been my experience, NOT to waste a lot of money on cedar chips, garbage bags, bug foggers, etc.

We've got them under control to an extent as long as people don't bring their pets in and out. It might be ok with a thick layer of snow, but not now w/the leaves falling.

Borax works and a few other things, but I get the feeling there's research being people taking notes when you go to the DR. and seeing, just exactly what these things can do.

At some point, it feels, some how some way, they'll be clasified, it feels, in this health care REVAMP...

For right now, it seems "Scabbies" and "Ticks" "Lyme Disease" are acceptable...and I also find steroids being one of the prescribed medicines.

My own parents have had a bout w/something similar and they're jokingly calling them, "No see-um's" confused
"No see-um's" we have what we call that here, first you feel something like a mosquito bite, look and you can't see a thing, yet the bite is there, and very itchy. They are bad in the evenings, especially if you sit under a tree.
Yep! You never see-um! I must have 50 bites on my arms and legs from the summer! Will never wear a skirt again! (smile)...and they itch again when you get warm! Grrr!
Oh for God's sake!!! Don't sit under an apple tree...with ANYONE, lol wink

They won't itch just because a person sits under a tree. In fact, my "office" Used to be in fact an apple tree smile

Here, specifically, I don't leave the house much. Not even the deck. I've put together, the bits, the ones on my knuckles are from the bird-feeders I'd bring into the garage so the racoons and squirrels wouldn't get them. NO MORE FEEDERS and as much as I'd like a dog...none for Elleise for time being ;(

Itching will most occur if you've a mild infesteation shortly after 3:30 [pm - 5:00 pm. It'll be so bad you won't sleep but for maybe an hour.

But if you know what to look for and how to prevent the outside from coming inside, it's manageable. One partner might get them before the other, but before long you'll both have them w/a major infestation.

Wash right away if you go out in forrest areas when you get home. Clothes in laundry and ad Borax or bleach and if possible stop load mid-cycle so the items sit in the waters. Other than that you'll bleach your floors up to 3 x's a day and they/the mites will only go up the walls.

SooOOOoooo, turn on your heat. Bring 'em out of hiding and already have your bleach water and mop ready to go. I just poor the mop wringing onto the floor spread it evenly and rinse in boiling water in the sink and I mean rev up your water heater if you do this...these are just things I do smile

That's right. If you get warm, the itching will begin earlier than usual. I will turn on the air or Fans. That disturbs them some how.

I feel strong scents, detour them, but it feels like it interferes w/their communication w/each other. so when they attack, basically it's like an army all at once especially at night. It will feel like things crawling and itching everywhere.

They'll go up your nose, ears, ehemm....entry and exit orphaces even eye sockets, like you'll feel a pinch literally on your eye.

T-trea-oil and oatmeal baths will relieve for a bit, but your sheets??? Even if you wash them, they shouldn't go on your bed until right before you're ready to use them. No short cuts. Vacuum, all sheets, blankets, comforters, washed, every flippin' day@ cry

P.S. These don't fly and they don't hop like fleas. You don't see them but for possibly a changing of coloring if you're lucky. Get sticky roll tape. They'll be clear/rubbery at first, red (bright red) then brown.

Pets, some seem to be immune but can unfortuanately track them in just the same. You'll begin looking like you have mange or something once it gets really bad.
I can't believe nobody else in your area has had a problem with these mites.
They have...

That's the problem I have more so than having episodes w/them myself.

Somehow someway they'll be classified under birds in this healthcare thingy. Until it's in effect, my feeling is you'll be classified under something that already is....

That's what I feel is the Truth!
I guess I should expand on that classification thingy...

Like: psychosis (will be o.k.), dermatologist (will be o.k.), Scabbies (will be o.k.), poison Ivy or whatever (will be o.k.).

MITES WILL NOT BE O.K. The feeling I'm getting is that it's because they carry diseases which have to go through classifications before they can be released to the public.

For now that's all I get.

One property owner had their house tented. Another case was in Peoria and those are just the ones that are kind of mumbled. They'll say it and walk away or as soon as a boss walks in they clear their throat and act businesslike.

They're real and I feel strongly they are either a cross breed or simply the bad bird-type-mite.

I'm not an entomologist and that'll be what comes back at me so I use the word, "Feel strongly" based on conversations w/these people and personal experience.

We'll just have to wait and see and maybe they can get an airplane or 2 to dust the reserves...
Those things sure sound mean, probably harder to get rid of than bed bugs, with all the washing, vac, scaling, etc. Hope they come up with some way to spray and get rid of them.
The only way I've found to get rid of them (and this is in the home-only) is to out think them...

Since I've had the honor of meeting them personally, it's like trying to describe a foriegn visit to Peru, or losing a home in a tornado, to someone that hasn't actually had one of those experiences.

They are real and on top of this, say you go into a forrest and/or off a trail you're not covered and you pick up Poison something...ivy, oak, whatever.

When there's an open wound of some type, even dry skin, they're drawn to it.

My feelings...I'm always writing in "feelings" not telling people what to do, but when "boils" have an underground "burrow" of some type connecting them and BTW, these guys aren't just a rash...

They leave designs. They are almost methodical. So, say triangle, sphere or circular mathmatical shapes (not the word I'm looking for) but even half moon shape bites.

I went through 2 local bug co's. One said, "We don't handle anything like that." The other "We should merge rodent protocal with infestations and..."

That person took me step by step what these things can do and well - he was dead on. They did them to me. The elderly and the young and those even that are healthy are at risk as they weaken whatever immune system you've got going on.

Thy're real. Watch more out for them in fall and shortly after Spring.

Bleach floors if you get them, but you want NOT to get them in the home. Because when just a few are brought in from something or someone else, they flourish again frown
Oh, something else I seem to find is that some hosts are more attractive than others. That one I'm still working on.

What you don't want is to be mis-diagnosed or accept something it isn't like psychosis or dermat- whatever...because if you do, in a file it will be you accepted that as the reason and take your drugs and may or may not go back again and again depending how much money you've got to keep going back.

I will say permethrin or something like that name doesn't work, but steroids and antibiotics help to an extent, but you really don't want to depend on either, because you'll have an external doing your internal "fighting-system" for you.

Just a thought.
My dear friend in Australia has what sounds like the absolute identical thing. She was just diagnosed with Scrub Typhus Rickettsial infection - a virus/bacterial combo from rat mites, which she had in her shed. She is very very ill - very anemic and a very low immune system. She is taking barley grass and zinc tablets and liquid iron drink...also she's kinda figured out a regime - if she has a hot shower it opens her pores - then she and her hubby spray engine starter on them, and they come out and die. Then they scrub that off, and she smothers herself in tea tree oil, eucalyptus, and lavender oil. That soothes her skin and helps keep killing the mites. She knows several other people with this horrifying affliction, which may be on its way to epidemic proportions. I do NOT believe this infection is of NATURAL design. Just MHO.
Gosh! What a nightmare!
"I do NOT believe this infection is of NATURAL design. Just MHO."


At this point I don't either, BUT it's one of those things where there's more than one "Mite" involved.

What my experience was...

A.) It's bed bugs - Paid, signed a contract, etc.
B.) Oh, well if you guys are still getting bit, we need to look again. Hmmmm...There's bat droppings in the attic. It must be bat bugs.
C.) O.k. NOW I'M PS'D and my flesh is falling off! I want someone out here NOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

They came out, took the samples and said they'd send them to their guy in Chicago (It's their Labratory). Heard nothing back.

Called them, they said, my boss didn't see anything. I said,"You said they (the samples) were going to Chicago. They didn't make it there did they???????

(Pin Drop...) like the guy got caught w/his pants down. Mhm...

"I just happen to have some more, what do you want me to do w/them?"

"Uh....I have to check w/the boss. I'll BRB (went outside to make a phone call, have no idea what was said). K...we can take them and have a specialist 'on-site' look at them."

Heard nothing back for weeks. You've gotta call and make it happen. Never seen anything like this, ever!

It'll go like that.

They'll call it anything but what I feel strongly it is. I feel they are BIRDMITES.

I don't know about the engine fluid stuff. What's in it? I'd try to stay natural. But usually one host will get them, the desireable one, and then they'll cross over to the other person.

You'll feel a pinch though. When they bite. What I do is get my hand wet and sprinkle some salt on it right away. I bleach the floors and the tub areas and all towels and clothes go into the wash after use.

Tar soap they dislike and you can't just sit in bath water, you've gotta scrub and not with one of those wimpy female plastic back scrubers. They'll just wait for you in the humid pores next time around.

Tee-trea oil helps as well as borax and out thinking them. If you've more than one room, alternate sleeping. Seal off the other for months. Make 'em work for it, lol. Keep your sense of humor and DON'T think it's you or accept that boils are just so common...Go to a different doctor.

Oh, heavy plastic tubs work. Forget garbage bags. I have a photo soewhere of what they did to a pair of gloves I put on after I sprinkled it with a powder. Same marks on my body. I'll see if I can find it.

Oh, another thing, roll up your pants when you're cleaning. you'll pick them up off the floor and take them with you whereever or whatever room you go to. They like cotton and paper products...ya thinkin' the Charmin route...? They go there too grin

They're biting thought I'd lay it all right out in the open. They are here. And, the leaves aer just barely starting to fall. They bite worse when you sweat, so keep cool and try to keep your windows, if you've treees handing over your house, closed.

It's a clever way to get people our of the roural areas...especially funded ones...hmmmm
I'm with Allyson on this one a Nightmare for sure. Can you imagine an epidemic of these creatures. This is really scary.
Actually, I can and I've chipped the photos and sent them out so other people can compare them to what theirs look like.

My experience has been these carry BOTH viruses and Bacterial invasions. They seem to or appear to be cross-breeding and/or communicating w/eachother.

So, say you've a rash...that's not gonna be it. They are separate bubble like bites you don't see right away. Like a chiggar bite or blister. Whether you scratch them or not, they bubble up on the ridges.

When it happened to me, it felt like a female insect was laying eggs or something and as they embrioed (don't have the right word...grew, hatched? they made under the skin burrows to the next "city" The cities merged and that's when you begin losing top layers of skin, but they'll call it,

"A 2nd infection."

They bite in lines, circles and can even make triangles. Scabbies are more waxy, hard, dead-skin fungus type thing. These ooze and travel.

I finally got it when I had tracks up and down each side of my spinal chord. If you were going to tak out a host where would you attack? Nervous system...immune system, anything making you docile confused

That's why I'm always saying get whatever you as much in hand as possible...not digital. That can all be changed.
Yes...not natural at all, just like Lyme's and Morgellons -- YES, Morgellons is REAL, not psychosis! I am convinced that she has Morgellons AND Scrub she has symptoms of both. Strange fibers and other stuff coming out of her sores... But yeah, this Scrub Typhus is carried by bird mites, too, and is a combo of bacterial and viral infection...and YES, they do crossbreed! At this point, my friend isn't so concerned about the battery lubricant toxicity, as she is dangerously ill and will do anything to get rid of them. Rock bottom iron levels, and a shot immune system. Not to sound morbid...but this infection can be fatal. :( I found this forum link that might be are so not alone in coping with these intelligent mites... (I put spaces in so that it would let me post) http :// curezone. com/forums/fm . asp ?i=832676#i
Here's a link to what is currently, according to Mayo Clinic (of which I've been) being the definition of Morgellons.

Morgellans Disease

I'll have a lot to say on the matter as well as some more information. It helps to have contacts. This is what I meant a year or two ago about building your networks. Knowing who and what you'd trust and how far you'd be willing to aid someone in legitimate need.

First off - it's not mysterious in the least. But imagine as someone mentioned...what if there were to be an outbreak.

This isn't conspiracy or anything like it. Seers or "Pattern Identifiers" which I like to call them, even Clairvoyance (which literally translates to clear-seeing) their lives are or can be contrasting because what they are delivering is something of a "message" or vision that has yet to be.

Mites...the ones I'm speaking of in particular, we've gotten to know eachother quite well, lol.

The are so small, you won't see them. Smaller than a grain of sand, even smaller then a pepper dot. Like the pepper that comes already out of a shaker.

These mites, first off, they cling. They have the ability to lay flat (thus the need to scrub). Loofas won't work, you'll be basically purchasing them housing. Plastic scrub brushes, unless you plan to throw them out after every use, they'll hang out until your next bath-time.

They are drawn to blood, bruises and it appears, women more than men. My mother just a few weeks ago, tried to make a joke and said I inherited a sensitivity to them. She's half right.

I don't have allergies, not even hayfeever.

At this point, if I had to make a guess...those whom are mesquito attractive will have the hardest time of them.

I feel they carry things like salmonella (sp), chlamydia, but what's AGAIN significant about these is their designs.

I've processed new photos. I'll post them probably next week. They will make circles. but each bite will be separate. They can make the bulls-eye thing, like Lyme Disease photos, but if you know someone, they'll quickly rule that out.

The issue really comes down to, at least what I'm trying to do is save you money, NOT freak a person out and just use common sense plus a really good doctor!

I feel many new doctors will be of military standing. Nothing wrong w/that. I honor our military. Even so, you'll still want a good one.

The first sign of rolling of eyes and patronizing, smile, be polite and keep looking for someone that will listen.

They tend to go for feet and hands first. But not palms, top of hands, top of feet and BTW...SCABBIES??? those are normaly found in the webs of fingers and toes. Not oozing on arms and shoulders and tummy areas among other places and believe me, there is NO entrance these mites have dared to go...not a single one wink
Haha, no disrespect dear friend, but don't get me started on the Mayo Clinic and the CDC! They are governmental supporters and would never admit to the Truth about many illnesses. They aren't at all honest about certain conditions that they KNOW the gov has created via vaccines and chemtrails. For instance, they have merged together Gulf War Syndrome, CFS, and Fibro as the same. One part of the gov admits that GWS is biowarfare agent poisoning, and the other part says it's a mystery. The fact that they have merged these illnesses is a clear sign that CFS and Fibro are biowarfare poisoning. I have CFS and Fibro, and Jade has GWS. I've been researching Morgellons for a while now, and the cover-ups are staggering. The fibers that emerge from the skin are NOT fabric fibers at all, not even close. They are ALIVE and GROW in petri dishes. Unidentifiable tiny crystals and chips of many shapes, sizes, colors, and textures also emerge from the sores. These fibers have been proven to be in chemtrails, along with human blood cells and heavy toxins. Many of the the fibers also resemble fibers found in Chicken McNuggets. Funny that Bill Gates (the master of human culling via vaccines) is on the McD's Board of Directors! :( it turns out, what my friend had thought were fibers coming out of her sores, were actually mite larvae that move and flash across her skin. So, she thankfully DOESN'T have Morgellons! :) She's getting intravenous antibiotics (doxycycline), that she says is working on the mites, which is very different from Morgellons, but again, not natural! Here is an article with pics of what comes out of Morgellons patient's skin...(again, I put spaces in so it would post) http : // morgellonsexposed. com/ McNuggets vid - very gross!: http :// www. youtube. com/ watch? v=Xvf2RPO_EzU
I can get through about 2 sentences of your post and it's not's me. I have to have my husband read it to me, unless someone says, "Please keep this private" and I'll do it, slowly. Could take a month but I'll do it.

But something you wrote...

First I didn't know Mayo was Gov. owned or backed. Is it "subisdized?"

But when I was actually there, had to wait 8 months on my HMO to even have it covered.

So, could've gone earlier, but I'd have to pay it all and I"m more like, if I don't have it, I go w/out.

Anywho...CDC does feel right, like it comes into it. But I feel it's in there because these mites/rickettes,mesquitoes, since they feed from/by the animals, pick up whatever they have and cam pass along even give a person certian types of viruses, normally associated by sexual activity.

What I don't want to happen is for childrenn or infants, to be hurt by them. They ooze from pretty much everything from the neck down,.

What I've experienced is Steroids (a shot and a box) then a cream you have to sleep in over night and wash the next morning.

10 guesses where they end up heading? "Butt" it isn't E or W and any orfice is game, ANY - fair warning wink
I'm so sorry Elleise...for some reason the spaces between my paragraphs don't take, so everything's all bunched up! I'm putting dividers in... ;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;; I don't think the Mayo Clinic is gov owned or anything...but they seem to parrot everything the CDC says, and most of that is malarky - when it comes to so-called "mysterious" diseases. But, yes, do have your hubby read my post to you! ;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;; These mites are clearly a horrific nightmare! The symptoms that you've described all match completely with my friend's in Australia. She is getting intravenous antibiotics to save her life from the Scrub Typhus. Have you been tested for it? Love and Light to you
Oh Shannon,

No don't appologize, it's my reading. Not you.

I actually got the same feeling when I was there and when I was there, have no idea!

Try to imagine like those lanes they put up in airports? They have these metal poles and elastic like what you wrap your ankle in? There are rooms and elevators and restaurants all in one setting. It was wierd.

You all get up at a certain hour. You have a number and kind of like an airport, you "check-in" like you're going to college and here's your schedule.

Lots of waiting and it really felt like a herd of cattle. My experience had 80% ego/20% people who cared and kids young enough to be a bouncer or something w/their feet up on their desks bobbing up and down on their leather chairs.

Shocked to say the was like "Did your dad get you the job or what?"

Anyway, didn't know they had anything to do w/the gv, but I remember feeling very patronized...I'm worried we're going in the same direction w/this health-care system thingy.

Be careful...just use common sense and God willing, you'll be directed to a good doctor and if one doesn't "feel" right, like makes wierd oh you found the spider that bit you...leave it here for further testing. RUN!!!!!!!!!!!
Here's a place a person can start, if they feel they've something causing just out of the ordinary, all at the same time issues.

Even better, sadly, when/if you have a partner and they begin showing similar symptoms.

If you're up to investigating...browse. BUT, don't sit on it and do that thing where you feel like "Chicken-little" no pun intended:

"The sky is falling...The sky is falling." Something out of the sky, may be? But it's nothing to panic about. Just look into and try to think like a mite from the ground up wink

Birdmites Oh My - Really?
Something else...

This just "popped" in.

Someone mentioned "mutated?"

Keep in mind, this/these are something to educate yourself w/!

Under the very existance of these things, much like a "chosen" article on Yahoo or whatever, could very well lie, something of an upcoming rule or regulation that eliminates people from being able to harbor, wild-life, including goats, chickens, etc, self-sustainable retainings that might "supposedly" cause "harm" to the environment...

This can go as deep as even COMPOSTING, gardening and collecting rain-waters. Anything that keeps a person going ON THEIR OWN and actually, I feel penalties and inspections coming to homes...

As such, this thing like a Smart-whatever??? Smart, washer, Smart-microwave, Smart bulbs and motiondetectors. I'd keep an eye out for these things and possibly falling in line.

I also feel those "curly-Q light-bulbs," act in one way to to save energy, efficient (so the fight for them) but they FEEL AS WELL to be somewhat of a "transmitter."

So, say they work with or along with the frequency of the Smart-whatever's, making someting easier to organize, like telephone lines work for the telephones confused

Metals w/in the whATEVER.
I have those curly light bulbs in my house...think I'll pick up some regular bulbs when I go out.
I really don't know...

I mean, where most people rely on physical 80-95%...I'm just the opposite. I get pictures in my head or my husband tells me I say a word.

Well, regardless, they have to match like if I get a picture in my head, it has to match w/say a person saying what it might be. You could have someone list off 12 different words and I'll go back...say that again...o.k. then BAM - and it goes somewhere.

So the curly q's? haven't a clue? I know just from word of mouth there's mercury in them, but they "FEEL" like they help transmit confused

Don't know, I'm even seeing houses in the future that are completely solar. Like they're glass in some way and change color depending on whether it's night time or day light.

But what's getting me are two disposes anything, including batteries, correctly - so that takes me more regulations.

The other things that come in are like there's metals in these bulbs that float around or sort of connect the "Smart" stuff?"

Don't know if I'll ever know?

I'm still looking for a way to sleep, lol smile

As icky as that photo is or was - that was me.

I couldn't fathom anything worse than sitting on a fire-ant hill, but certainly found it.

How this next part comes about is kind of funny - always keep that sense of humor...just always.

So, after a "squabble" mostly stress, my husband and I had kind of an argument. He was frustrated I couldn't give him any more information and I was too tired to fight, so I said, "Could you please just leave me alone."

Well, it's like when women or men or anything keeps something inside until it bursts - gets it out...I go to write basically ending the disagreement. He comes to the writing room w/a flashlight and in his knickers.

He says, "What's this?" real quiet, almost appologetic and he's shining this spotlight on his bum.

Lol...well after feeling hurt I kind of bursted a laugh, more like I sprayed my laptop.

I said, "How fitting....A BOIL on the butt of Humanity..."

Anywhoo, it was one of those bubbles and I said:

"Victor... no Vecor...vicor...VECTORS?"

Then I say: "Ya, like in that, "Doc Martin" - Something 'Zoonosis.'"

It's a show he watches or watched, but those are the two words: Vector & Zoonosis.

How funny! Don't you just love it when men ask us to check out things they can't see on themselves because of the location???
Actually, yes. Or, you've got something and they do that thing, like, "Huh..." and then THEY get it themselves and it's a little different. It's kinda cute, though.

What's funny with this one (which I can't believe I can find humor) but when he asked me in the first place and he could see it, I'm like "ARE YOU NEW?!!!!?"

It was after a fight/disagreement sort of so I go on and with, "Were you not there, the entire 8 months flesh was oozing and if MEMORY serves you got them too? DROP 'EM! YES, it's one of those bubble nest thingies. Put 'ur bum in some salt water and get one of those square patch-thingies and seal it off w/a little salt."

A regular bandaid? Their friends sense the wound and get under the gap."

I wasn't the nicest I could have been. We made up and everything, but the poor guy was like..."I still don't know what a square-patch thingy is." I really felt bad for him then.

Communication 101 - "Go forth I guess with kit-gloves." smile
Have they tested you for MRSA ? That looks an awful lot like it and it is spread via bottoms of shoes very easily.

It's mites. Found that out for sure.

The problem is, there's many species and they're well, like inter mingling.

So say, (actually I made a joke to my husband):

What did the Scabbies mite say to the bird-mite?

Answer: Let's go make some "spores."

It's not the same writing it out, but it made us both laugh and I just do that sometimes.

What I meant though is that you can have symptoms of scabbies but that usually comes after the other mites, for some reason. IF you even get the scabbie type waxy stuff at all.

But ya, the guy that came out said, you've got mites. Problem IS getting someone to put that down on paper. So, whatever. In the meantime I can only tell people what has helped.

Me going through it is one thing. Say a child? I would just die. These, you feel and they somehow, someway anesthetises you, so they itch at first, but when it reaches the icky stage where it LOOKS like it hurts, you don't feel a thing. confused

I'll tell you what...these creature have intellect! They know how to communicate a food sorce and identify an open wound.

I have some photos of before and after applying salt. We've had company so I'm behind more than usual.
Here are this year's new photos I promised. They're all of me. The first one is the before shot.

The second, is after applying salt.

The 3rd & 4th are their M.O. they make designs on your skin.

The 3rd & 4th are in the following post...these are just what to look for. They're distinct in nature.
The formations range specifically, from small circles to very large ones, like the circumfrance of your stomach, around your belly-button, to squares and triangular formations.

In the one below, by the time they got done, it looked like a flock of geese tattooed across my backside. Hey it was free grin

P.S. That's a PG image. Back of my leg, lol. You can get them around your collar line, arms, legs, knuckles, etc. They're not a very particular creature despite resports they don't inhabit human's.

They're only half right. Early Spring, they're outside. Come fall and winter - they're not picky whatsoever. Neosporin and permethrin DON'T do a thing. Neither does chalomine (sp) lotion.

If you're sensitive, like me, you'll feel a pin-prick when they bite. If not, you won't feel much until your skin starts feeling like you're wearing a wool-sweater, all day and night.

Oatmeal baths help, but bleach and vinegar, borax and loads of laundry and vacuuming will need to be done daily!
I can listen to something and/or watch something and w/in a few sec. or min., have a sense directing me, as to the accuracy or truthfulness of the subject matter. Be it a person, video, interview, etc. good information and people usually find me - bad sometimes too, but I'll usually be able to turn those types of thing around. smile

Senses can be a useful thing at times, exhaustive at others. You just have to go w/it...

This topic is important. Mostly because I do FEEL-STRONGLY it is something that may easily become (in some manner) a Global issue of some sort, if it's not dealt with.

The main thing is not to panic. This is for informational purposes only. Panic does nothing. Just be aware but not discounted either. Especially if you begin feeling ill - like the flu.

What I feel and have some confirmation of are "Bird-mites," or BIRDS, specifically are a growing concern. I feel it in my heart, mind, body and Soul and I don't feel the average person knows much about what they are and are capable of and how to avoid bringing them into the home.

I feel these Mites or "Cross-breeds" of these Mites are understated, under investigated or simply kept out of public and medical realm in terms of dealing w/them effectively.

So, this topic is here to help, whomever and I will try to keep people updated.

Keep calm and simply be aware if you happen to cross paths w/these creatures and seek out a good Dr. should you happen to need one. wink They ARE out there! It just may take a few times finding one.


From my experience, there seems to be a great deal of "mis-information" out there.

Everything from rolling eyes of a Dr. to dismissive behavior altogether, especially in the industry of bug maintenance, which I suspect already know about these.

Most people don't want to go to a Dr., for something that could be simple, or at least I don't. So, through me, you can try to envision a "test-like-subject." Always happy to be of service, lol...

So, here's what I've been able to deduce with my experience, still on-going (BTW - we live in the NORTHERN MID-WEST).

1.) You don't have to have "Tweety-Bird" inside as a pet to get these.

2.) They are primarily found in heavily wooded, forestry, type areas, preferable near water.

3.) The initial stages usually go unnoticed.

4.) Later, you may see small red bumps, A small red dot and/or even what looks like a chigger bite, that will eventually draw more bites surrounding it.

(this is where you don't want it to get to that stage. Once the bubble breaks you're kind of screwd and you'll be going to the Dr.)

I happen to have a brilliant Dr., but I didn't at first. So, here's, in some aspects where I can say what did and didn't least w/me.

5.) The Mites can and DO communicate w/eachother and in my opinion attack, mostly at night, in clusters.

6.) The Mites can be brought in by pets and high trafficked areas and primarily through the leaves they're running through and/or walking through. Say a walk-way up to the house, leaves on a deck AND by hand if you garden, pull weeds or have BIRD-FEEDERS you handle daily, even if you wash your hands after.

7.) These Mites seem to "Cling." So simple water or laying in a bath won't do it. (Scrub...scrub...scrub...and don't use a loofa) smile

8.) The Mites aren't visible to the naked eye. So, if someone suggests you're being bitten by "bed-bugs" check it out, but usually you know if you've got bed bugs or not.

9.) These Mites have a residual affect and will leave scars.

10.) These Mites seem to carry w/them diseases and infections that CAN be passed onto humans. In that sense, if you have lingering symptoms - GO SEE A DR!

11.) I have "0" allergies. I don't even get cold-sores. Up until the "invasion" my immune system was off the charts - healthy! So, they tend to lower the immune system.

12.) Once the body has been introduced to the BACTERIA (this seems and FEELS the important part!!!) it's natural, the body will try to defend itself w/anti-bodies. Which, IN MY OPINION, is one of the reasons your immune system suffers. It's busy knocking anything from rashes, to more serious bacteria out of your system.

13.) I'll go into symptoms later. This is enough info. for right now. But the GOOD NEWS, with me anyway...I now am literally gifted, w/the ability to sniff these guys out. Kind of like a blood-hound.

My nose will instantly start to run and I'll begin to itch all over.

HOWEVER! You need to wait out the "itching" for awhile. Reason being, corrective measures. You don't want to over do it and only deal with it, if you begin to feel or SEE a red dot develop. So, basically - the runny nose and itching is like an Allergy now. You've got a defense mechanism.

***Again - don't panic. You don't want to think or convince yourself, every little thing is a MITE. They have an M.O. which I'll go into later. AND don't go out an purchase a bunch of junk that doesn't and WILL NOT work.

I suspect - there are people who do know about these things and feel some are already trying to capitalize on an issue that can be mentally, physically and Spiritually draining.

Hopefully, my experience will help someone else out there.
This will be short, which I'm certain most people will be appreciative of, lol.

Bug/mite issues:

I suspect strongly these particular bug/mites carry bacterium. Not exactly Lyme disease, but I'm not an entomologist nor a biologist, but I know my body inside and out.

They DO make designs and you pretty much feel like you've got the flue all of the time and something about the respiratory system. You hock up a white flem type husband has that.

Me? My immune system is usually tough as nails. Now I'm susceptible to all sorts of things, ear aches, sore throats, joint pain HUGE, running nose (UNTIL I BLEACH...then it goes away) as well as rashes and sporadic fevers. And, I'm simply not running to the DR's, ever week for this stuff.

As of now, my view is:

"If I fight it off or rather my body does, well that's all the more anti-body ammunition for whatever else they've got!" wink
Crochet Queen,

I don't think I read or absorbed your post about MRSA. Thank you though for suggesting.

My husband FINALLY!!!! Man was that a tough one, is on board. But unfortunately, it's because it's now happening to him AND, he's now coughing up a white substance. This may sound awful, but he's actually gone from simply putting it in water, to NOW, it's as thick as craft-glue (glue-gun).

What I believe has happened is this:

There are ticks out here and a but-load of mice. I believe the ticks bite the mice, then the deer (we live in a Northern Mid-West Forrest Preserve...ironically, they shoot everything, so not seeing the preserve part of it all??? I'm sure there's grants in there somewhere. But anywho -) the deer being among the trees and leaves may possibly be prone to mites from the leaves falling and walking among thicker brush.

I believe these mites are Bird-Mites OR a breed of mite that somehow, some way, has something to DO with birds.

Reason being, I can feel being bitten. They feel like a little pin-prick and my nose starts running. From there I begin itching all over. So, it's like I have an allergy now to them, when before I wasn't allergic to anything, not even hay-fever.

I believe these mites carry w/them several different types of diseases, even bacterium associated w/Lyme, the MRSA may even be in there, but I'm already at the stage where you get Sepsis and sharp pains in the heart area (left and right sides).

I have to get to my neurologist for a head injury I had a few 5 many years back (I've been self-habilitating my brain) but I can't seem to get past where I am on my own.

From there, I'll have some blood-work done, because as of yesterday, my husband - the analytical rocket-scientist guy actually said,

"Hon, I think I have some type of disease. I'm getting boils and blisters and felt one of those pinch thing yesterday. I think we've got both, mites and the disease they carry."

Looky what I found here confused

MRSA and Poultry

This is close - but the feeling isn't a "Ding" (what I call it when it's 100% on target).

This "feels" it has more to do w/farms and the futuristic need for more GV regulations of farms, pigs, cows and such.

What I'M TALKING about are the little walks through the woods and the "poultries" that happen to be flying around w/in them and CAN IN FACT carry longer distances than you could possibly imagine. We're talking coast to coast within the migratory patterns. more thing. Be on the look out for something called,
(this will be hard for me to remember).

"something... "Diasic-Earth???"" It may have 3 words to it and I don't know if even the spelling is correct, but it sounds something a bit like that. It's a product of some type AND will have something about "Being good for the planet" or along those lines.

It may have something to do w/alleviating issues of "The New Bug." If you WANT to get it? I can only say what I would do >
Look into the ingredients, who's behind selling it and how exactly it's supposed to do what it does.

I wouldn't just go out and get it, because the "ps-ps's (gossip)" blogs or words of mouth's from friends and what-not, tell me to.

Somewhere on here there's a list or things that I've found to work around the house and how to avoid bringing these into the home.

First and foremost,get rid of all the leaves in your yard and either burn them or remove them. In my opinion you DON'T want these on your property if you happen to be in woodsy areas.

If you get them, especially at my stage I had gotten them...GO SEE A DR. but a GOOD ONE!!!!!
For whatever reason, every now and again, my "stuff" brings me back to birds especially, again and again.

This is simply something to become aware of, only! This part seems to be more of an airborne mutation of some sort. Not an expert and try to keep written/hearing research to a minimum for myself.

The "New Bug" I'm personally "be-frienemying" right now, this particular thread focuses, feels to be the MITE. Specifically the Bird-mite or mutation of which, again, I feel has to do with the bird, its migratorial pattern, and the surroundings in which they flock.

Where I go from there, feels to do w/some infections, the Mites (the infected ones) are more than able to exchange with humans in the form of a bacterium.

So, my "feelings" at this point is at least every now and then be aware.

But, for myself, I feel there's a bacterium/viral mixture of sorts floating around in my system.

Me, personally, my immune system is rock-solid, or was. Not so much these days. However, my body (I listen to it) has scored quite well, playing racquet-ball w/whatever it is I do have wink

Bird Flu Virus

I do happen to live in the perfect surroundings for whatever this is: a reserve, geese, ducks, deer, huge lake and loads of forestry (but lots of gv. grants to keep it alive and well wink

Anywhoo, with any amount of luck this cold streak we've had here will limit their livelihood. However, keep in mind, the mites are quite smart (literally). They'll take cover, burrow, and under leaves plus a good amount of snow, I've found they can go well over a year w/out feeding.

We'll have to wait and see. We don't want an epidemic panic on our we. sick
Elleise.....were the words you were looking for "diatomaceous earth"? It is supposed to be affective in killing all sorts of bugs, but I have never used it.

From what I have seen about your case it is not the same thing as the mite problem I had when I raised caged birds. I did feel the prick when they bit, but the red spots they left on my skin were very tiny and not in any sort of pattern. They were tough to get rid of but I finally did succeed, although a bunch of those red spots still exist on me many years later.
Debbie smile

You got a "Ding!!" That's a pet name I use when someone get's the equation or at least part of it right.

The word you used is exactly the word! All I can say of that is I feel pushing away like a void or at least looking into it, where it comes from, what's in it and especially the marketing. Can't believe it's about bugs. Anywho...

Yes, you're right!

You DO feel the "pin-prick," sensation, like the tip of a seamstress' hemming pin. The ones you describe are pretty darn close/accurate to these.

My mom sent me some sand-dollars and a beautiful little card that said, "It's amazing what nature can do and we think we're so smart." I quite agree.

What's out here, is 1000 x's worse than what I feel you experienced. If I had to guess, their related, but not quite the same.

And this clip found me after another word came to me, "Tamiflu?"

FDA Acitomin, Water, Warning

Forget about the obnoxious commercial - it's terrible, try to make it past a "Fox" thingy. What's mind-boggling is the "Tamiflu" part...

Influenza and what happens to FEEL precisely like what I would deem as Bird-Mites have the ability I FEEL to spread both bacterium and VIRUSES which is why I post this here.

At least here, there are photos, symptoms and I'm personally, lol, seemingly having to sacrifice my own physical vehicle for whatever reason and for that same reason, especially when it comes to having to watch a child endure something along these lines...I'll do it.

The rest? Well, we can either ignore it, or possibly scratch the head among "other areas" you won't enjoy and go hmmmmm, how can I not infect or bring these things into the home?

My husband has the influenza issue. I'm currently fighting it w/my own instincts.

Just be aware of your surroundings. Pay attention to the description of WHERE I LIVE and under WHAT CONDITIONS.

I also suggest strongly if you have a good Dr. and something doesn't make sense, either ask or tell them some idiot cream @ $50.00 a pop doesn't help.

For now this is the best I can do. Thank you for the Diasic word thing. It's been driving me nutz! cry
You're welcome, Elleise. Your situation is certainly one worth monitoring. It is not like you hear about stuff like this on the news or journalist type programming.
Hi Debbie ((hugs)) all around,

And, as usual - You're "SPOT-ON!"

You're right. And it's not something you'll hear on the news and for good reason too.

See, well...People wouldn't be able to handle it and go into a panic or actually look into where money is going in these reserves which harbor such things as geese, deer, ducks, mice, rats and so on. A protective environment supplemented by the GV.

Oh, BTW, watch out for something about saving the sky Star Watchers and some implemented energy per household use and lighting issues for joining. Communities will get GV money for joining, but you'll have to change whatever your outside lighting happens to be for the "collective's" enjoyment of a clear sky. This will be both rural and suburbs or CITY people and taxes, etc.

This part, though, back to the bugs, actually makes it all worth while and trying so hard not to laugh, seriously.

So, made a bet w/my husband. It helps to have connections of your own too BTW, meaning take initiative and notice things that don't make sense or feel right in your body. Don't just hand over your individuality to people, especially Dr's spun out like bubble gum balls anymore, for this "health-thingy."

Do your OWN homework and know who to trust. The words ("Spies Like Us," it's a movie) just popped in my head. So basically, it'll tie in here somewhere. Don't trust just anyone.

On a good note, there AREstill some good people, who are actually out there trying to help. Dr's and all!

Trying to help, myself, with this experience and what to look for ahead of time before it goes through 5000 pages of whatever, can save a lot of trouble. I can't imagine just sitting by watching this happen.

Back to the bet.

I won. But, actually didn't want to.

I had some additional blood-work done. Meaning, I had already had some done earlier to rule "things" out. I also know when something's out of whack, including medications. (so I guess I won 2 bets).

The bet was (quote-unquote):

"Mark these words. I'm going to say them, write them down and put them in a sealed envelope. When this is said and done, you open that envelope and pay up." Lol

I wrote, "Mark these words. They will try and spin this somehow, someway into some sort of a malnutrition dealy. Don't know how, but they'll go that route instead of dealing w/what this really is, all the way around.

We (my husband and I) were going back and forth. Kind of an argument.

I like my Dr., but also feel she's influenced by something outside of her own whatever...instincts, intellect, could even be protocol or the influence of a husband or group?

Now, my husband was upset with me when I wanted to continue seeing this person. I was adamant! This goes back to his saying this person wasn't in our plan anyway. Not even looking at him I said, "Check again..." There they were! He misspelled the name.

The "New Bug In Town" my feelings anyway, are, these are "Bird-Mites" or a mutation of. Some, the infected ones, carry diseases and viruses, just like say the "West-niles" virus everybody knows about.

These are a "Freddie-Krueger-Nightmare" compared to that. A gift of nature that keeps on giving...they'll call it the flue or something, you'll get a big-time runaround!

So on top of this I have a residual head injury.

I chose NOT to go to the hospital and ring up a bill I could never pay. So, now that I have a "neuro-person" to see, what do you know?

My husband read my blood report and I've a vitamin B deficiency that holds symptoms that just happen to mimic exactly everything I have, bugs and all.

With such an ailment, a deficient vitamin could produce in a stellar healthy adult (aside the head-thing)...most certainly this would, beyond any doubt, be the Head-Line-News of the century!
You may very well have a vitamin B deficiency. I take a Super B-complex supplement to support my system and improve my energy level. I am a low energy level kind of person anyway, especially with the blood pressure meds I am on. Even so, that diagnosis of yours is not going to explain all those welts on you and feeling the pricks of being bitten. Increasing your B vitamin intake by foods or supplements my help your energy level, but it won't take care of the BIG problem.

I find that younger doctors are more apt to consider options outside the box as opposed to older doctors more set in their ways. I fortunately really like my doctors and I find they usually are very helpful when I have issues, which thankfully are few.

I like that you won the bet, but yes, I can see where you did not want to.
Hi Debbie,

Yes, I take the vitamin B-complex and B12 and the Women's One A Day and most people DO IN FACT (can't stress that enough for a reason) have, especially in the cooler months a deficiency of some sort via, D, C, etc. I don't feel we're always at 100% on everything. THIS????? Not so much...

I'm finally getting the pieces together and share them in ways that help prevent others from having to go through it themselves, INCLUDING this health reform thingy.

So, I don't watch the news but for RARELY. Meaning like once in a blue-moon. So there's news about a boy infected by a rat with rate-bite-fever (out of CA). Close....

Birds Carriers of Lyme Bacteria

This is what I feel to be closer. A rat (an infected one) or let's bring it closer to home...perhaps mouse?????? infected, with mites feeding from it which actually come from the spider their way into the system of birds via, these mites, deer with lyme-virus, infect the birds thus spreading certain bacteriums. confused

As of now, both my husband and I have some sort of lung infection we're both fighting. It's strong enough to close your airways on some days, yet wimpy enough simply to give you the "chills" under a heating blanket on High.

So, it's there, then it's not, there, not, etc. It also or WE rather have other symptoms such as stiff joints, neck, elbows, knees, even toe joints.

Even a vitamin deficiency which...I fear for the next person that gets this, will get the run-around and NEVER be afraid to fire a Dr! You're the boss. YOU PAY THE BILLS (hopefully).

You DO WANT A DR> THAT LISTENS...otherwise you'll get something along the lines of, "You need a psychiatrist" for ehemm...not going along w/a b.s. diag.

(I can only offer what's happening here, but can back up the stages as well. Not everyone will end up going through what we are).

P.S. start getting your medical records when you leave AND in writing on paper. There's a reason for that as well wink
Where did I leave off...

Oh (pause/trying to think) K! We're doing this together if you're reading this at this moment, but time as we understand it has both abstract and consequence:


I pray sincerely NO ONE has to endure what I/WE do. However, the photos that are posted are of BOTH myself AND my husband. SoOOooo, a "vitamin def. would have to happen to BOTH of us at the same times, as well as allergies.


So, "Blood Smear" pops into my head and out the mouth. Kinda like our Creator meant it to be. I'm sure it's in my head somewhere but it popped out (apparently) at just the right time.

After another blood test it IS CONFIRMED no allergies and ULTRA HIGH VIRUS CELLS...

I'm caring for myself w/what I know and can do without going into debt and pay my Dr. bills.

I have to pace Dr. bills. However, I will NOT pay for someone's service that is faulty and/or threatening (we'll get into that later).

Get a GOOD DR and/or second opinion while you can, is all I can say for now which is something... I perhaps (myself) might consider.

Incoming - "JUSTINE" (you'd have to think about it as well as a movie, "It Could Happen TO YOU").

I have a GREAT primary and she's on the precise track! Outside of that?????

"Ephelompts and woozles..."(I hate it when they're right, lol. It's a pain!).

I wish that someone in the medical profession would figure this all out and finally put a name to it. I am not surprised with the high virus level in your system. You are certainly battling something there. You and your husband can't be the only two people who have gone through this or are currently going though this.
We're not.

However, I'm willing to do this so that others don't have to go through piles of paperwork and B.S. politic deals and CDS whatevers to get it out there. It is what it is.

I have it documented in photos and paper and bloodwork. That's it. Don't want anything, just letting THE PEOPLE KNOW the standard protocol as of now is, "Miss and Dismiss."

You're "Old" if you're over 40. Really?

And BTW - the next stance will probably be something else with a new election.

Be careful this time around (Truth-eyes). I'm a woman and not necessarily convinced that a woman this time around would be the best thing...more of the same.

A real leader goes without in order to help. That's what you need to look for - those are my feelings, etc. whatever...

To reform an individual you could consider "Marriage." It's a wedding, with something along the lines of, "Speak NOW or forever hold your peace."

As of now - it's "Speak NOW or FOREVER hold your peace." I choose to speak NOW!


After 30,000 yrs Gian Virus Resurects - right!

"They've," (I feel) have known it all along. It's up to you.

It's been forever, but I just seem to find things or say things that get answers done.

I'm clicking through this and don't remember posting this so much, but reading through it NOW?

Bird Mites Don't Infest or Live off Human Blood

The first line is BUNK! Yes, they can and do and not only that, will do this thing where you've got a bull's-eye-thingy. From there it goes from organ to organ, including eyes, athsma (when you've never had it) ears, UTI''ve got to fight it off as long as you can.

Taking antibiotics or shots - an individual's decision.

However, I opted to have my BODY identify invasions due to my feelings it's long-term.

I feel badly about this, but this is the truth! After I visited my parents (haven't seen them in like over min. 6 yrs., my mom ended up really sick 2-3 weeks after we visited her).

They have one trip a year.

She told me they almost cancelled and needed an inhaler. Weird, I needed one too, but it was an expired one that opened my lungs.

IF YOU LIVE IN WOODED AREAS, cover up, leave shoes OUTSIDE (at least of bedroom) hopefully you have tile floors, and SHOULD you CHOOSE to go into the woods with heavy leaf pile-ups, (basically, an area that doesn't use GV funds to clear out what they're supposed to, etc. bypass)

Those are my feelings and those are the things I'm doing as of now until this mess is cleaned up. (smiles on the inside) grin are you fairing with this? I miss talking to you!

Oh, I'm seeing that you are no longer going public with this. I hope that you'll pm me? God Bless :)
I just wrote you on a post smile. I'll have to remember how to pm.

Just after the "New Bug" incident, I had a head on collusion or vice versa. Honestly it was a bit comical. I'm like, "Really?"

Let's see, lol. After that we had a group of people that somehow got into our acct. A barrage of other individuals we did work for that didn't forward payment on a house we were fixing. I swear it felt like there was a crack in the Universe and all of the evil entities crawled out and headed right for my/our zip code.

I'd go public. I have the photos and all. I just walked away and let God decide because it was getting political for the area we were in. Basically it was a waste of energy I could be using to heal. So, I did smile

Interesting, they did change some of my medical files to "unknown..." K - that's just wrong. Things are better though. We moved to TX smile
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