A bit off topic:

Try to look at it though as sensing it first, getting a run around then affirmation of what they are and why they're not being discussed.

This little guy is coming to a home near you. What I will try to provide are tips, articles and what to expect from healthcare officials as well as in the home, how to deal w/both them and emotions.

This article is a good start. Though not mine it feels important to at least skim over until I can get one up of my own experience.

It's fall and that's when the mites come to a home near you!

Can Bird Mites Infest Human Beings?

Pshaa whistle or rolling of the eyes, even a nice little pat on the head sending you to a dermatologist or for extra fun write down you have a disorder described as Morgellans Disease...

Coming back from the hospital today, I can tell you TAKE PHOTOS~

P.S. Try to block out the ad at the bottom for fog machining. The article alone is all you need for now.

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