Hi Debbie ((hugs)) all around,

And, as usual - You're "SPOT-ON!"

You're right. And it's not something you'll hear on the news and for good reason too.

See, well...People wouldn't be able to handle it and go into a panic or actually look into where money is going in these reserves which harbor such things as geese, deer, ducks, mice, rats and so on. A protective environment supplemented by the GV.

Oh, BTW, watch out for something about saving the sky Star Watchers and some implemented energy per household use and lighting issues for joining. Communities will get GV money for joining, but you'll have to change whatever your outside lighting happens to be for the "collective's" enjoyment of a clear sky. This will be both rural and suburbs or CITY people and taxes, etc.

This part, though, back to the bugs, actually makes it all worth while and trying so hard not to laugh, seriously.

So, made a bet w/my husband. It helps to have connections of your own too BTW, meaning take initiative and notice things that don't make sense or feel right in your body. Don't just hand over your individuality to people, especially Dr's spun out like bubble gum balls anymore, for this "health-thingy."

Do your OWN homework and know who to trust. The words ("Spies Like Us," it's a movie) just popped in my head. So basically, it'll tie in here somewhere. Don't trust just anyone.

On a good note, there AREstill some good people, who are actually out there trying to help. Dr's and all!

Trying to help, myself, with this experience and what to look for ahead of time before it goes through 5000 pages of whatever, can save a lot of trouble. I can't imagine just sitting by watching this happen.

Back to the bet.

I won. But, actually didn't want to.

I had some additional blood-work done. Meaning, I had already had some done earlier to rule "things" out. I also know when something's out of whack, including medications. (so I guess I won 2 bets).

The bet was (quote-unquote):

"Mark these words. I'm going to say them, write them down and put them in a sealed envelope. When this is said and done, you open that envelope and pay up." Lol

I wrote, "Mark these words. They will try and spin this somehow, someway into some sort of a malnutrition dealy. Don't know how, but they'll go that route instead of dealing w/what this really is, all the way around.

We (my husband and I) were going back and forth. Kind of an argument.

I like my Dr., but also feel she's influenced by something outside of her own whatever...instincts, intellect, could even be protocol or the influence of a husband or group?

Now, my husband was upset with me when I wanted to continue seeing this person. I was adamant! This goes back to his saying this person wasn't in our plan anyway. Not even looking at him I said, "Check again..." There they were! He misspelled the name.

The "New Bug In Town" my feelings anyway, are, these are "Bird-Mites" or a mutation of. Some, the infected ones, carry diseases and viruses, just like say the "West-niles" virus everybody knows about.

These are a "Freddie-Krueger-Nightmare" compared to that. A gift of nature that keeps on giving...they'll call it the flue or something, you'll get a big-time runaround!

So on top of this I have a residual head injury.

I chose NOT to go to the hospital and ring up a bill I could never pay. So, now that I have a "neuro-person" to see, what do you know?

My husband read my blood report and I've a vitamin B deficiency that holds symptoms that just happen to mimic exactly everything I have, bugs and all.

With such an ailment, a deficient vitamin could produce in a stellar healthy adult (aside the head-thing)...most certainly this would, beyond any doubt, be the Head-Line-News of the century!

Karen Elleise
Clairvoyance Editor
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