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There are many stages in between, but these are approximately 2-3 weeks after you've initially been bit.

The mites aren't visible to the naked eye and until you realize something's itchy like a mosquito-bite you won't see a bite mark or raised skin.

It will begin though looking very much like a chigger-bite confused

Before even that and until you work through all the B.S. and find a good Dr. and DO know what to look for, they'll look very much like a teeny-tiny, pin-prick red dot. Like a hemming-pin.

AND one more added bonus...they multiply rapidly, 20 x's faster than fleas. No market bug spray or fogger deters them and they come out more at night and feed.

They've thermal and carbon dioxide identifiers and will last well over 8 months to over 1 yr.

It's been my experience, they "mark" their victims. Like a honing device sort of. So they'll bite near old healed wounds...kind of like what hornets do.

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